ASPEN, Colo., March 25, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Cameron/Baxter Books announces the worldwide launch of the paradigm-shifting book “THE TRUST FREQUENCY: 10 Assumptions for a New Paradigm” (ISBN: 978-0-988747-1-3) at Explore Booksellers in Aspen, Colorado, March 29 at 5:30 p.m. Sally A. Ranney, visionary environmental leader and author of the foreword to the book, will speak on the need for fundamental, whole-systems change to enable global-level collaboration for solving climate change, the most far-reaching crisis in human history. Co-authors Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Cameron Bailey will discuss the paradigm they present in the book at this celebration and book signing.

Ranney has thirty years of experience within the private and public sectors dedicated to environmental, water and energy policy; sustainability; biodiversity and wildlife protection; and public land management and environmental consulting. She is President of the American Renewable Energy Institute (AREI) and Co-Director of the International Women’s Earth and Climate Initiative (IWECI). Taking a whole systems approach, Sally has advised business leaders at some of the world’s largest companies on improving their environmental practices and performances by incorporating these considerations into company decisions. She has worked directly with three U.S. Presidents as well as leading environmental luminaries like Richard Branson, Ted Turner and Al Gore.

“Climate change has, unambiguously, put humanity on notice that we are on the cusp of great change, of making a critical choice about ourselves. Only collaboration at the global level will solve climate change, because it affects all human and natural systems. Nothing and no one will escape. This high level of collaboration can only take place if we let go of the tenets of the existing paradigm,” states Ranney in the foreword to “The Trust Frequency.”

Aspen, Colorado has been home to many world change agents over the decades. As Aspen’s premier book store, Explore Booksellers hosts the nation’s leading authors, scientists and social commentators, from today’s bestsellers and Pulitzer Prize winners to world leaders and renowned experts in their fields. Marlow, Bailey and Ranney take their place on the world stage with a new vision of the nature of reality with a bold theory of humanity’s place in a conscious loving universe; how examining and upgrading our belief system will change everything from education to business practices to climate change solutions, resulting in a currently unimaginable level of abundance and happiness.

THE TRUST FREQUENCYMarlow and Bailey, filmmakers and social philosophers who have been sharing their ideas at universities and symposia throughout the country for decades, call their new paradigm “a synthesis of quantum science, Eastern mysticism, indigenous cosmology and intuitive knowing.” Coming from divergent life experiences, they have reached similar conclusions: the prevailing paradigm is missing important information about the nature of reality, and this has resulted in a world out of balance. They challenge a number of basic assumptions which have driven humanity’s behavior for millennia and offer a new paradigm for consideration.

The three authors are Colorado-based and currently live in the Roaring Fork Valley, outside Aspen.

The book “THE TRUST FREQUENCY: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm” can be obtained online at and at Amazon ( ), Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, and all electronic platforms.

* VIDEO: Link to Sally Ranney’s TEDxMileHigh talk: “A Matter of Degree” – .

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* Photo Caption: “The Trust Frequency: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm” Authors: (L-R) Connie Baxter Marlow, Sally Ranney, Andrew Cameron Bailey. Photo credit: Charles Englebert.

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