PORTLAND, Ore., May 7, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Sherwood, Oregon based publisher, Journey Books, LLC, releases “Going to Bed is Easy Now” (ISBN: 978-0692357842), first in series of illustrated children’s books by Doris and Maritsa Bowman. Written in both English and Spanish, the book is designed to ease the stress of everyday activities that create chronically challenging behaviors in typically developing children, as well as those with attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD), autism spectrum disorder, and other disabilities.

Manny Moose used to struggle with something that many children do – Going to Bed! In fact, many of the steps of bedtime used to cause him to become extremely upset, and he would react in ways that were seen as naughty and made him feel bad! Within the pages of this book, Manny shares why going to bed used to be hard and how, with some help from his mom, going to bed is EASY NOW!

Manny Moose

In this captivating children’s picture book that supports children and parents through one of the most challenging routines of childhood – bedtime, mother-daughter team Doris Bowman and Maritsa Bowman have crafted a visually appealing and relatable tale that delivers a rhythm and cadence that keeps children wanting to return to it time and time again.

Illustrations by Benton Rudd are meant not only to deliver characters that will capture the attention and the hearts of readers, but to play an integral part in weaving subtle aspects of ADD, autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities into the story in ways that normalize the experiences of these children, and benefit typically developing children. Additionally, they are a tool through which parenting skills and strategies are woven into the story that visually support a hopeful viewpoint on the part of the parent and the child – a viewpoint that these supports and strategies can make challenging situations “Easy Now” for both. Examples are Manny’s mom’s use of the timer to help him to “feel ready,” and the appealing version of the visual schedule that Manny uses throughout this first book.

Manny the Moose

Doris states, “All children can struggle at some point with challenging behaviors as a result of variances in development of cognitive skills in such areas as flexibility, frustration tolerance, and self-regulation. Our hope is that these books will blur the divide between kids who have an ADD or ASD diagnosis and their peers who do not, promoting perspective and acceptance that will serve all kids and parents.”

Future Easy Now Series™ books will help children and parents to navigate struggles in a variety of areas such as “Going to School is Easy Now,” “Solving Problems is Easy Now,” and “Changing Plans is Easy Now.”

Advanced praise for “Going to Bed is Easy Now” and the entire Easy Now Series™ has come from professionals on the forefront of the fields of autism, parenting, and child psychiatry:

“Going to bed is a major trigger for so many kids and a terrible source of conflict in so many homes! Going to Bed is Easy Now is a fun and engaging read that will no doubt help establish an effective and predictable routine for kids to rely on. A great resource for so many of our kids!” says J. Stuart Ablon, Ph.D., Director, Think:Kids | MGH Assoc. Clinical Professor, Harvard Medical School.

“This fresh and captivating story of Manny’s successful bedtime is inclusive and informed, and allows the reader to instantly see ways to streamline and improve family routines. I am thrilled to see this series emerge during a time when parents need support more than ever! My own small children were enchanted by the flow of this first book, and utterly begged for more Manny stories immediately!” says Jane Butler M.S., CCC-SLP, Recipient of 2012 Oregon Award for Clinical Excellence.

“‘Going to Bed Is Easy Now’ is a brilliant synthesis of brain-based practices that both children and parents need for a smooth transition from a busy day to a peaceful sleep-time routine. Every mom and dad will appreciate how Manny Moose now thinks going to bed is easy. By using this beautiful book, they will soon see, ‘That’s my child, too!’ I can’t wait to tell parents about the book, and I am eager to read the other books in the Easy Now series!” says Gloria DeGaetano, Founder, Parent Coaching Institute and author of “Parenting Well in a Media Age.”

About the Authors:
Doris Bowman, M.S.Ed., is a PCI Certified Parent Coach®, Certified Trainer in CPS (Collaborative Problem Solving), and certified special educator and administrator with over 17 years of experience spent supporting and coaching families of children with chronically challenging behaviors, including those experiencing significant ADD/ADHD, ASD and other forms of disabilities.

Maritsa Bowman is attending college for a major in Early Childhood Education, and worked for four years as an Educational Assistant and private classroom aide with preschool and elementary aged children experiencing a variety of disabilities including autism spectrum disorder and emotional/behavioral challenges. When she’s not in school or co-writing books, she spends her summers working on a commercial salmon fishing boat out of Valdez, Alaska.

More information: http://www.easynowbooks.com/.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EasyNow.ParentingAndBehaviorSolutionsForChildren.

TWITTER: @easynowbooks – https://twitter.com/EasyNowBooks.

English – 978-0692357842
Spanish – 978-0996223843

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*Illustrations by Benton Rudd.

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