SPRINGFIELD, Tenn., Feb. 9, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Baker Enterprise, a Tennessee based company, has created an App called NEXT LEVEL TEXT that will create monetary opportunities for celebrities, fundraising organizations and individual consumers.

Since 1999, the music industry has lost 20 percent of their revenue due to free music/audio downloads. The Next Level App has created a way to gain some momentum back with a brand new revenue stream. The Next Level Platform allows celebrities to create and share their own video “texting scenes” with fans for free or for a $0.99 fee.

A “TEXTING SCENE” is a 30 second video clip that is used to display a message. Just like ringtones were created to customize your mobile phone’s ringtone with an audio clip of your favorite artist — “texting scenes” allow you to express your personality through your “outgoing” SMS/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram messages.

Currently genealogist and author John F. Baker Jr. is using the App to conduct an awareness fundraising campaign called “The Black History Month Million Text Challenge” designed to educate the public about Black History. Supporters of Black History Month who accept “The Million Text Challenge” can download the Free App on iTunes and search for “John Baker.” Join John and share a piece of Black History every time you send a text message and raise money for the NAACP.

The App is available on iTunes (Search: NEXT LEVEL TEXT).

– A celebrity or Athlete sharing highlights with their fans.
– A musician promoting a new song/album/tour.
– A politician sharing an idea with supporters and/or raise money for your campaign.
– A philanthropist or non-profit trying to increase awareness for a cause.
– A parent sharing a special moment with family and friends.

Baker Enterprise invites celebrities that are looking to create a new revenue stream, promote their brand, or raise awareness for a cause, to open an account today.

Please visit http://www.nextleveltextapp.com/ to open an account or for further information.

News issued by: Baker Enterprise

Baker Enterprise

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