NEW YORK, N.Y., March 31, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — To celebrate its launch, Fine Diners Over 40™ is waiving its annual membership fee. Fine Diners Over 40 is about food as art, as cultural adventure, as scientific experiment, and best of all-food as an opportunity to take pleasure in the company of others.

For a limited time the company is offering sign-ups for $1 via PayPal. After the introductory period the annual membership fee will be $95.

Fine Diners Over 40 ( schedules two dinners per month (one weekday, one weekend day) and occasional special events such as wine tastings and cocktail parties. Members dine at New York’s best establishments where a three-course dinner may cost in the range of $75-$150 prepaid (including coffee or tea, tax and tip, but excluding alcoholic and other beverages). Out-of-towners pay a $15 service charge.

The average group size is 12; larger groups can be accommodated based on demand and venue. As a member you can maintain your own wish list of places you’d like to try; the company reviews wish lists for ideas and attempts to accommodate.

“Fine Diners Over 40 was inspired by our desire to indulge on a regular basis in the infinite array of first-rate culinary adventures on offer in New York – and to do so in the company of others who also delight in all things epicurean,” says founder Janet Basilone. “It is not designed for matchmaking. There is no express effort to achieve a gender balance, though in the past there has been a nice spontaneous mix. Sharing the dining experience with fellow foodies is our primary objective and our members are interested in meeting new friends of both genders.”

About Fine Diners Over 40:
Fine Diners Over 40™ is about food as art, as cultural adventure, as scientific experiment, and best of all — food as an opportunity to take pleasure in the company of others. We are singles and couples who enjoy dining at highly-rated New York restaurants and sharing the experience with fellow foodies. Tourists and businesspeople in town for a few days are also welcome. We invite you to join us for regular culinary and social adventures in New York City.

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