CHICAGO, Ill., Aug. 22, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — CAC Group, Inc., a customer marketing solutions firm, announced this week the launching of a new division to focus on loyalty program performance – Truth in Loyalty™ (

“The feedback from the loyalty community has been strong,” Brad Rukstales, president and CEO, CAC Group, Inc., says. “There’s a need for an unbiased and credentialed evaluation of loyalty programs as confirmed by our discussions with leading companies in the hospitality and retail space.”

The launch of Truth in Loyalty™ was born from CAC Group’s experience in using customer analytic methods to design clients’ pilot programs, a proof-of-concept phase, where a conceptual program design is market-tested prior to the launch to assess the investment.

In a world that is increasingly big data and omni-channel, loyalty marketers are under pressure to prove incremental financial contribution and overall financial value.

As a result, CAC Group assembled an expert loyalty consulting team to focus on these needs and to bring leading-edge evaluation techniques to the loyalty marketing space. The team will be led by Rob Morgan, a seasoned loyalty marketing executive; and Joel Schiltz – an industry leader in loyalty program evaluations.

Truth in Loyalty™ will partner with organizations that need a realistic and unbiased perspective about the economics of their loyalty program. Additionally, there is a need for an evaluation not directly tied to the infrastructure/technology loyalty platforms or ongoing communications requirements.

“Truth in Loyalty will bring empiric evaluation techniques that touch on a range of program options including currency and non-currency models, hard and soft benefits (surprise and delight modeling), infrastructure investments and the financial payout structure,” Rukstales says. “Many evaluations will include analyzing a client’s transactional data, conducting primary research and developing pilot recommendations with a complete financial pro-forma and loyalty blueprint.”

About CAC Group:
Since 2002, CAC Group has been evaluating and improving many types of marketing programs. It focuses specifically on quantifying the incremental impact of customer-focused marketing activities.

The company’s heritage in customer-level predictive modeling, incremental measurement and analytic excellence is aligned with loyalty marketing expertise to meet the needs of the board room and the back room.

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