BREWTON, Ala., Aug. 11, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Lisa Thomas-McMillan has made feeding the hungry and helping those in need in a life-long pursuit. In 2000, she formed a 501(c)3, Carlisa, Inc. – a small, non-profit food bank that receives limited funding, as the needs in her community continue to grow she is in need of more.

To drive her efforts and that of the organization, she has recently written and published a book, “Living Fulfilled – the Infectious Joy of Serving Others” (ISBN: 978-1885091086). The book walks readers through the author’s early life and illustrates how she survived working class poverty and a nomadic lifestyle. Her experiences ultimately led her to dedicating her life to the poor and hungry.

“There is always someone who is worse off than you are,” she says.

And, she speaks from the heart. Thomas-McMillan does not just talk the talk, she walks the talk – literally. Over the years, she has walked more than 1,000 miles to hand deliver letters about hunger and reform of the death penalty to the fifty-second governor of Alabama, Bob Riley, and to President George W. Bush.

It’s her hope that this new book will help her to raise money to fund the many efforts of Carlisa, Inc. which include building a community kitchen, providing assistance to college students who are going hungry, and much more.

“I was shocked to learn that students at large universities like UCLA are going without food,” she says. “I just knew I had to start a program for these people in need. I mean, if we can’t take care of young people who are working towards an education, to our future, just what are we doing?”

Thomas-McMillan believes that people can make a difference, despite their often reticent attitude.

“People often feel that their time has come and gone and there is no way they can make a difference,” she says. “This couldn’t be further from the truth. I urge people to read my story. It will inspire them to believe again.”

Currently, Carlisa, Inc. is run 100 percent by volunteers.

Donations can be made by buying the book which is for sale on the website at: One hundred percent of donations go back to the organization.

For more information, contact: Lisa Thomas-McMillan, Carlisa, Inc., 251-727-2411;

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