CLEVELAND, Ohio, March 22, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — At Lakewood College we understand the importance of our students not only completing their program but then getting out into the real world and putting all their hard work into action. We want to bring to them the people that know how to help them get the career they want.

Several colleges claim that they will help you with career placement. But, what does that really mean? How many college graduates can honestly say they were walked through the do’s and don’ts of interviewing? Who can say they were taught how to utilize key words to locate that job through a search engine? Lastly and most important, who can say they were given the encouragement needed along the way as they were told “No” 100 times? Well at Lakewood College the students will get all of these things and more, as they introduce their new Career Services Department.

First the students get the opportunity to work with the Director of Career Preparation, Brian King. Brian comes to Lakewood College with several years of working at a temp agency. Working with people who are unemployed, maybe through no fault of their own now forced to go out into the scary world of job searching, with no idea where to start. He has spent countless hours looking at resumes, seeing what works and what does not. He has spent time speaking to the employers understanding what they are looking for in their interviews, which in turn allows him to better prep his prospects. So, Brian thoroughly understands the importance of Career Preparation and will bring that knowledge to Lakewood College graduates.

Next, students will be directed to the Career Placement Manager, Denise Raider. Denise comes to Lakewood College with several years of working in a career college. She spent her days as a cheerleader for the students. Most of her students were first time college students, fearful of change and risk, but very much in need of it and just lacking some direction. With the relationships she built, she was able to encourage the students, making them see past the negativity of a bad day and make it to the finish line to success!

According to Brian King, Director of Career Preparation at Lakewood College, “We will work together to understand the needs of our students at Lakewood College. We will be their support system. We will work with them to make them marketable and understand that a bad day or a ‘Not Hiring’ response is just motivation to try again; that something better is waiting.”

Raider adds, “You can truly change your life if you live with a positive outlook. It is better to try and fail then to have never tried at all.”

Combining the new Career Services Department staff to the current Lakewood College staff, the school is confident that they will not only become #1 in career placement assistance, but also the top choice for online education.

Lakewood College provides diploma and degree programs for top careers in business, medical, and legal fields. Every year thousands of active duty members, veterans and military spouses receive a quality, excellent education from Lakewood College with no out of pocket expenses.

To get more information about the education benefits available from Lakewood College, visit today. Individuals interested in learning more details about this press release will find contact information below.

Lakewood College, 12900 Lake Avenue, Suite 003A, Lakewood, OH 44107; Telephone: 1.800.517.0857 EXT: 732 or Draider[at]

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