MANSFIELD, Ohio, Nov. 3, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Oxyrase, Inc. announced that current General Manager Casey Zace will assume the role of President effective today. Exiting President James C. Copeland, Ph.D. will remain with the company as Chief Technology Officer and will also remain as Chairman of the Board.

Prior to joining Oxyrase, Inc. Zace served as Director of Manufacturing Operations at an In-Vitro Diagnostics company. He holds a B.S. in Economics from Eastern Oregon University and a MBA from University of Redlands.

According to Dr. Copeland, “Casey brings a new perspective to Oxyrase. With over 15 years in the biotechnology industry, he has the ability to provide leadership and strategic direction while retaining the grounding necessary to keep a biotech manufacturing company operating smoothly.”

Mr. Zace will assume the responsibility to focus on expanding the company’s reach as well as bringing their unique technology and exceptional customer service to different industries. Zace added “Oxyrase, Inc. was founded on Curiosity, Inquiry and Perseverance. I look forward to honoring this legacy while harnessing the potential of our technology to further build value for our clients, stakeholders and our community.”

Dr. Copeland will focus on expanding the company’s product portfolio and developing new products.

Oxyrase, Inc. is a biotechnology manufacturing company focused on providing a proprietary oxygen removal technology to many industries. Oxyrase, Inc. manufactures a unique enzyme system that efficiently and specifically removes oxygen from products and environments.

Many of these products are directed to anaerobe microbiology: the science of isolating, growing, and identifying microorganisms which thrive in environments devoid of oxygen. Several others are directed to the antioxidant properties of the technology. They are used to prevent oxidation of vulnerable substances and to prolong shelf-life of products, prevent quenching of fluorescent dyes or as a research tool.

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