FLAT ROCK, Mich., Feb. 18, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Inventors Tom and Martin Bottorff announced this week that they have filed a patent for a product called the TMB Moulding/Trim Quick Release System (patent application number: 13459229; patent publication number: US20120272610A1).

“My nephew, Tom, conceptualized the idea and approached me about helping him execute it,” Martin says. “I have a background in all things mechanical, so I was ready to put this idea into action right away.”

The TMB Moulding/Trim Quick Release System promises to solve a major problem having to do with refinishing walls, moulding and trim. It’s designed around a ball and socket configuration that makes the process of moulding or trim removal and installation quick and simple.

To date, moulding and trim has been attached to a surface using nails, screws or bolts. As a result, removal is labor intensive and difficult.

“More and more people are choosing to renovate their homes and the trim/moulding removal process is unwieldy,” Martin says. “Refinishing the walls, ceiling or even the moulding/trim itself creates issues such as paint on the adjacent surface by splatter, drips, overlap and more.”

Martin explains that, over the years, many tools have been developed to overcome these challenges, but none have remained in the marketplace. Some people choose to not remove it at all and simply use masking tape to cover the moulding or trim, but this too creates its own challenges. Application and removal is time consuming; there is additional cost; and there is extra waste to dispose of because the tape can only be used once.

The TMB Moulding/Trim Quick Release System works to eliminate all of these challenges while reducing the amount of labor and materials involved in refinishing wall, ceiling or moulding/trim. It provides an easy way to attach and remove moulding or trim so that ceilings, walls and even floors can be refinished without issues for surrounding surfaces.

For more information, email: ThomasBottorff@yahoo.com.

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Tom and Martin Bottorff

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