PHOENIXVILLE, Pa., Dec. 1, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — You can teach an old dog new tricks (as well as their owners), according to Christine Pazdalski, owner of Puppy Love, LLC. She says that while most people are familiar with conventional dog training doctrine, it does not have to be the only dogma out there.

Traditional dogma follows an alpha principle which is no longer considered the most effective way to go. Behavior that was once frowned upon (treating a dog like a child, eating before he does or walking in front of him before going through an open door) are beginning to lose some steam.

Why? Pazdalski explains that dogs have evolved and so should their training.

“Domesticated dogs have been living alongside human beings and interacting with us for thousands of years,” she says. “And, while they have certainly retained a variety of their wild ancestors’ instincts, their social intelligence, cognitive ability and ability to learn more closely resemble a toddler’s than a wolf’s.”

As a certified professional dog trainer, it is Pazdalski’s mission to replace dominance-based methods with humane, science-based positive training.

“I am so excited to share my knowledge of these recent dog training and behavior discoveries,” she says. “Once dog owners understand that they can relate to their dog on a different level, it becomes exciting for them too.”

Based on the science of animal behavior, learning and cognition, as well as the proven effectiveness of positive reinforcement, this positive dog training builds bonds.

Puppy Love LLC also has a different approach to how the training is executed. Rather than quickly explaining the concept and setting the dog and their owner out to fend for themselves, they believe in handling the initial dog training first. Only then do they pass along the tools and skills to the owners so they can maintain and reinforce what the dog has already learned. An initial consultation leads to a customized dog training program for each client.

“It’s what we do,” she says. “We do our job while you do yours.”

About Puppy Love, LLC:

Puppy Love, LLC was founded in 2001 by Christine Pazdalski, a certified professional dog trainer. She trains dogs, puppies and their people in the Main Line area and throughout Chester and Montgomery counties. She is the winner of the Best of Phoenixville: Best Dog Training 2013 and 2014, and is one of the Top Five Dog Trainers on The Philly Hot List 2014.

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