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When Motherhood Tears Friendship Apart – Friendship Day Launch for Dual Momoir about Breaking Up Over Baby

OAKLAND, Calif. – July 28 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Friendship Day is just around the corner. August 7th is a time to celebrate that special human bond Woodrow Wilson called ‘the only cement that holds the world together.’ But what happens when that cement begins to crack under the strain of childbirth? Does Sisterhood stand a chance against Parenthood? That was the question that inspired Linda Cohen and Joan Bechtel to write ‘Motherhood Confidential, The Strange Disappearance of My Best Friend, a Rashomon-style Odyssey of Trials by Parenthood’ from SocioPathways.

New Book From Sociopathways Debunks The Media-Fueled Myth Of Mothers At War

OAKLAND, Calif. /Send2Press Newswire/ — It’s a shame-fest on Dr. Phil. Oprah hosts an in-studio stoning. And Dr. Laura divides and conquers. Smackdown action in the steamy ring of parental correctness as dogmas duke it out. And outraged viewers play the at-home version. It sizzles. It smokes. And it sells. But what does it really signify?