HOMEWOOD, Ill., March 17, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — There are times when the compassion for humanity should and often does triumph over the quest for retail profits to serve the greater good of society, says Rays Roofing Supply. The Children’s Hunger Fund has delivered food and, ultimately, hope to children and families in need in the U.S. and around the world.

Rays Roofing Supply is privileged to have them located in our backyard in Homewood, Ill. as they serve the Chicago area. They have been able to maintain 99 percent efficiency for over 24 years. It seems that a great part of their success comes from wonderful partnerships where they can serve a vital role in providing food for hungry and struggling families while they partner with local non-profits and churches who serve as a distribution networks to meet the needs closest to home.

Another strategic partnership to benefit the Children’s Hunger Fund is the alliance between Ray’s Roofing Supply and M & M Home Remodeling. M & M Home Remodeling has been a part of the Chicagoland business community since 1976.

Owners Mike and Nick Yadron are committed to quality home exterior products including Roofing, Windows, and Siding and have three locations in the Chicagoland, northwest Indiana area. They enjoy giving back to local communities to help non-profits and charities further their causes in the local area.

Ray’s Roofing Supply has been a part of the local Chicagoland economy and serving the Chicagoland area roofing and building contractors for over 35 years.

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CEO Gary Murphy Jr. says, “Rays Roofing Supply maintains a strong civic focus on local area charities and non-profits.”

He added, “Besides helping local area churches, food kitchens and veteran’s projects we have partnered with M & M Home Remodeling for their second large charitable project in 6 months. The first project was the re-roof of the Habitat for Humanity store in Griffith, Ind. — a 12,000 sq. foot re-roof project. M & M Home Remodeling and Ray’s Roofing donated the profit from labor and materials to the Habitat for Humanity in Northwest Indiana.”

The Children’s Hunger Fund warehouse in Homewood is a 30,000 sq. foot EPDM re-roof that when completed will provide a water tight environment for the receiving, processing and distribution of food items to many thousands of hungry children in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana.

M & M Home Remodeling & Ray’s Roofing Supply will again partner together to benefit the cause of stemming the growth of child hunger in Chicagoland. Both companies will donate all profits from labor and materials to the Children’s Hunger Fund to further the cause of trying to alleviate childhood hunger.

For more information on Children’s Hunger Fund, visit: http://childrenshungerfund.org/.


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