SEBASTIAN, Fla., Nov. 5, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Riverside Surgical & Weight Loss Center is now offering the STARR Treatment to its bariatric surgery patients. STARR, which stands for “surgical tiny access and rapid recovery,” is a state-of-the-art, micro-laparoscopic technique that is thought to improve recovery from a gastric sleeve or band procedure. This treatment, performed by only a few bariatric surgery specialists in the U.S., was specifically designed to decrease postoperative pain and help patients quickly return to normal activity following a gastric sleeve or band surgery.

Since the STARR Treatment is one of the most minimally invasive bariatric surgeries available, patients who have the procedure often experience rapid recovery, minimal pain and virtually no scarring. Riverside added this surgical technique to its lineup after recognizing the advantages the surgery could have for patients. The STARR Treatment can be applied to either the sleeve, band and in some cases even the bypass.

Riverside is pleased to be able to offer this new treatment to its patients, in addition to offering a full array of primary and revisional laparoscopic weight loss surgeries.

“We put a great deal of focus on the patient experience and believe our patients deserve to have a treatment that helps them recover quickly while reaching their health and weight goals,” said Dr. Patrick Domkowski of Riverside Surgical & Weight Loss Center. “We’re proud and excited to introduce this micro-laparoscopic treatment to our patients.”

The STARR Treatment is the center’s newest addition to its patient-centered care philosophy. Riverside also offers a variety of other services to its patients to contribute to their speedy and smooth recoveries. The Riverside team encourages patients to attend the free support groups, nutritional advising, and informational webinars and seminars that the center offers.

About Riverside Surgical & Weight Loss Center:
Riverside Surgical & Weight Loss Center is proud to be the only comprehensive surgical weight loss center in the Treasure and Space Coast area to offer patients a comprehensive package to complete their weight loss transformation. Riverside helps its patients realize their goal of achieving significant and lasting weight loss through minimally invasive bariatric surgery. As a board certified surgeon specializing in bariatrics, and a member of the ASMBS, Dr. Domkowski is privileged to offer the latest and safest medical technology for primary, conversion, and revision weight loss surgeries.

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