SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Jan. 14, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Award-winning heat sensitive coffee cup lids that warn of hot contents by turning bright red are available direct to U.S. households through an Indiegogo Project launched by foodservice industry innovator Smart Lid Systems.

The Hot Coffee Problem: “We all know coffee can be hot, but accidents still happen,” says said Anthony Bayss, Director at Smart Lid Systems. “Each year in the USA, 150,000 hot liquid scald cases require medical treatment according to the American Burn Association.”

Hot liquid scalds continue to affect the three high-risk groups: young children, older adults, and people with special needs.

There are currently no devices available to visually warn of the hot contents, so you know your drink is hot, without trying it.

The Smart Lid Solution: Place the heat sensitive Smart Lid on a hot drink and it changes color to bright red, making it easy to warn when your coffee is hot enough to burn. The lid is direct food contact compliant, so it is safe to use, and turns bright red above 118 degrees Fahrenheit. When your coffee cools, the Smart Lid shows you by changing color again.

The specialty plastic was developed by a Colorado based firm, with the design and production of the lid occurring in Sydney, Australia.

“The Smart Lid is being sold to cafes in Australia. However, the number one question we receive every day comes from North America and from Europe – asking when the Smart Lid will be available in your home, in your office or for use around your elderly parents,” adds Bayss.

The Smart Lid is available in variety of consumer and commercial quantities through the Indiegogo website from January 14, 2014. The project will be running at the same time North America observes Burn Awareness Week.

For more information about the campaign, visit:

Mr. Bayss added, “In the USA alone, there are 180 million daily coffee drinkers and 170 million daily tea drinkers. These drinkers now have a visual warning indicator to aid in the prevention of many scald accidents. The end-game for us is to have the product available to all consumers through the major retailers.”

About Smart Lid Systems:
Smart Lid Systems is a multi-award winning foodservice packaging development company. Based in Sydney, Australia, they specialize in heat sensitive technology servicing cafes and food service outlets. Learn more:

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