NEW YORK, N.Y., Feb. 16, 2016 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Very Rich Style is a fashion design brand that was born from a mother’s desire. The owner, Velica Steadman initially, originally thought sewing would just be a hobby. However, her mother pushed her towards a different idea. After a decent amount of encouragement, her mother’s advice finally got to her. Velica changed her attention from small decorative furnishings, to dress-making, and creating men’s accessories.

Unknowingly, she found a love for constructing something that would be admired by many. After her family discovered this new skill of hers, they decided to ask her for custom-made clothing. Miss Steadman would never have thought she could make a label out of this newly found love.

However, with the help of her family, VRS (Very Rich Style) was born. VRS, Very Rich Style, is considered to be “funky chic with a mix of retro couture and modern flair.” Most of Velica’s inspiration also came from her travels abroad in such fashion capitals as Paris, Barcelona, and Dubai.

Velica Steadman will present her Very Rich Style (VRS) collection in this year’s PLITZS New York City Fashion Week, February 18, 2016, hosted by PLITZS Fashion Marketing. Their collection will be presented at 4:15 p.m. on Thursday February 18, 2016 at the Hotel Pennsylvania in Midtown NYC.

Show details can be viewed in show site:

Very Rich Style (VRS) by Velica Steadman, Ph: 301-633-9881; Email: — Website:

About The Show:
Fashion Designers can capitalize on their one day presentation which will afford them the opportunity to present their brand collection to potential clients, retail fashion store/boutiques owners, buyers, general managers, potential investors, trade organizations, editors, bloggers, public, media and press. Designers will talk to audience attendees first hand directly after their showcase via our media/press junket – Fashion Designers should get ready to showcase and invest in your fashion brand to show why they’re a hot emerging fashion brand.

For Interviews/Press Contact:
Wayne Shields
Chief Production Marketing Consultant
PLITZS Fashion Marketing
A Division of PLITZS Fashion Marketing, Inc.
Office Ph: 646-257-4207

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