SANTA FE, N.M., July 8, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Dragon’s Gate Creative Journeys, an experiential workshop service for writers led by Milli Thornton, author of “Fear of Writing,” today announced the third edition of the Fear of Writing Clinic Student Workbook. The workbook has been used since 2005 to help students at the Fear of Writing Clinic overcome deep-seated fears, allowing workshop participants to write more spontaneously and with less self-censure.

The professionally printed spiral-bound workbook, which started in 2001 as handouts printed on colored paper and carried home in manila folders, has evolved through two previous editions. The third edition includes three new writing exercises, a tighter format to allow more writing time during the workshop and four sections that can be used by students at home to continue the writing momentum.

“The workbook allows me to be less of a talking head and more of a human trigger,” Thornton said. “My role as workshop presenter is to lead students to the treasures lurking in the imagination, and to provide exercises that make the writing fun. The workbook provides ample space for writing the old-fashioned way: with pencil or pen. It also serves as a record of the emotional and creative milestones experienced at the workshop.”

The Fear of Writing Clinic is held in intimate settings, typically the back room in a coffeehouse or the living room of a private home, in order to put writers and closet writers at ease. In between writing sessions, students are encouraged to read their work out loud to the group, after absorbing simple ground rules about safe environment.

“No one needs to fear a critique,” Thornton said. “The Fear of Writing Clinic is a safe place where writers can share their fears and learn how to turn the fear into fun with creative tips from the presenter and support from the group.”

“I’m still so amazed at how the Fear of Writing method works for me,” Sandy Schairer, a writer from Albuquerque, told Milli by email. “I can write creatively and leave my stuffy old left brain out of it!”

The Fear of Writing Clinic runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., with lunch and English afternoon tea provided by Chef Matthew Lauck. Tuition is $165, which includes a copy of “Fear of Writing” and a 57-page student workbook. The next Fear of Writing Clinic will be held on July 20, 2013 at a private home in Santa Fe.

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About Milli Thornton:
Milli Thornton is the author of “Fear of Writing” (ISBN-10 1591098181 / ISBN-13 978-1591098188) and course presenter for the Fear of Writing Online Course that uses her book as the student manual. She has a passion for helping writers unleash their imaginations and discover the true depths of their creativity.

Milli presents more of her original writing courses at Unleash Your Writing!, and she coaches writers individually at Writer’s Muse Coaching. She travel blogs at Milliver’s Travels and has enjoyed herself writing several screenplays. Her current works-in-progress: another liberating book for writers and more workbooks for writing workshops under development.

Milli Thornton
of Dragon’s Gate Creative Journeys LLC
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