ATLANTA, Ga., Oct. 7, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — XanCan™, a U.S. based company, today announced the launch of its textured aluminum beverage cans (patent pending). Changes to the aluminum beverage can have been minimal at best, since its birth. The concept of texturing the sidewall of beverage cans is both innovative and revolutionary. The XanCan™ breathes new life into an old favorite.

“Our goal is to revolutionize the canned beverage industry with packaging that puts the ‘fun’ back into functional,” says Dormini Mangum, CTO of XanCan. “XanCan are ideal for all beverage types: from beer and soft drinks, to iced teas and energy drinks. With endless pattern possibilities, beverage companies can stimulate any marketing campaign and create that competitive edge.”

Most canned beverages, beer and soda alike, are best enjoyed cold. Once removed from its cold environment and placed in the ambient air, condensation forms on the can. This moisture, whether it be from condensation or from the ice bath of a cooler, makes it virtually impossible to grip the traditional (smooth sided) beverage can. The XanCan™ helps alleviate this issue with fun patterns created by texturing the sidewalls; Thereby improving the grip, handling and comfort of aluminum beverage cans without jeopardizing recyclability.

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About XanCan:
Based in the suburbs of Atlanta, Ga., the XanCan™ brand was launched with the vision of revolutionizing the industry with a product that embodies creativity and purpose. XanCan™ changes the way we look at beverage cans and raises the bar of expectations by creating a product that puts the customer first, while offering beverage companies another opportunity to distinguish their brand.

Our concept has been widely received by the industry, and recognized for combining functionality and design. The XanCan™ revolutionizes the aluminum beverage can as we know it and drives marketability through customization.

*Photo Caption. XanCan textured aluminum beverage cans.

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