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About Send2Press:
Featured in Entrepreneur®

[an error occurred while processing this directive] Thank you for your interest in Neotrope's Send2Press® press release distribution, press release writing, and Internet marketing services. This page documents our editorial coverage in Entrepreneur magazine.

What We Do

Since 1983 Neotrope® has offered and delivered proven, effective, and consistent business marketing services and technology solutions. Send2Press® offers affordable direct-to-editors™ news distribution services, professional press release writing, agency of record service, and press release optimization. Neotrope/Send2Press is proud to be a 100% U.S. company, located in Redondo Beach/Torrance, California, USA.

Featured in Entreprenuer: Really

Unlike some of our younger competitors who like to put graphics on their websites saying "as seen in Entrepreneur," simply because they run a classified ad in the back of the book, only Neotrope/Send2Press has been frequently featured in the Entrepreneur print edition of the magazine, websites, and business guides, based on our 25+ years of expertise and credibility. Sure, we advertise in there, too, but there's a big difference between being an advertiser and being interviewed by the magazine in the editorial sections. Don't be fooled by the newbies who advertise in various magazines — but have never actually been featured in the magazine, and try to make it seem like they have with colorful (but misleading) graphics.

Neotrope's co-founder and president, Christopher Simmons has been interviewed for three different editions of Entrepreneur over the past five years, which include the Nov. 2003 issue (on press release writing), the Mar. 2006 issue (on the best day to send a press release, and using PR to grow a new business), and the Feb./March 2007 "StartUps" guide (on using the Internet for PR, and press release optimization), which also ran on the Entrepreneur.com website in Feb. 2007, and was re-purposed with different title for syndication to sites like MSNBC.com and The Today Show website in Mar. 2007.

Examples of these articles can be found, below, on this page.

Ask the Guru ... Major Media Does!

Christopher Laird Simmons is a recognized expert in the imaging, e-media, public relations (PR), and Internet marketing arenas. He wrote his first successful press release in Dec. 1981, which led to media coverage in the June 1982 issue of Playboy — he's been writing press releases for more than 25 years. He is frequently interviewed by organizations as diverse as Entrepreneur, PC World, The Chicago Post Tribune, Micro Publishing News, Publishing Basics Radio, JackStreet, Home Business, and Trendwatch, among others. As a professional journalist he has written for publications as diverse as Digital Imaging, Print on Demand Business, Micro Publishing News, Spazz, Polyphony, and the Graphic Artists Guild newspaper. He served on the panel of judges for the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Excellence in Tech Journalism Awards for three years, and he has been invited to speak at Seybold, and the annual meeting of the American Intellectual Property Law Association, among others. Christopher still personally oversees all Send2Press client projects.

Entrepreneur's StartUps Guide Feb. 2007

StartUp Guide Feb 2007 Christopher was interviewed for the Feb./March 2007 "Entrepreneur's StartUps" guide (aka Spring "Small Business StartUp Guide"), which is published three times each year and available on newsstands and at bookstores.

There were two versions of the story, which had two titles, "Get Your Biz Noticed Online—For Free," and also "In the Spotlight" which ran on the website in Feb. 2007. The subhead for both versions was "Got a tight budget? You can still get noticed. Find out why online publicity is one of the best ways to boost your business."

In addition to Christopher being interviewed on the topic of "optimizing press releases," a Send2Press client, Susan Davis, was also interviewed regarding her successes using Send2Press for top news placement in online search portals like Google.

StartUp Guide Feb 2007 - website 1 StartUp Guide Feb 2007 - website 1

A third version of the story was syndicated online to various top-tier content portals including MSNBC.com and The Today Show site (a subset of the NBC portal) on March 3, 2007. This version of the story had a different title, "Make Blogs Your Best Marketing Tool," but had the same sub-head again. This version of the story also appeared in Google News and other "news" content archives.

MSNBC Mar 2007 - website 1 MSNBC Mar 2007 - website 2

Entrepreneur Mar. 2006

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Entrepreneur Nov. 2003

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Recent Client Media Success Stories
The following are a very few of our recent client successes. Note that we are only aware of client news placements, queries, interviews, articles and broadcast exposure when a client informs us of the event, and so this list is certainly incomplete. These are "true" successes and not automated posting of press releases.

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