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Press Release Distribution Services for Non-Profit Organizations from Send2Press

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Our company has a long history of supporting non-profits and worthwhile causes, and we welcome the opportunity to perhaps assist your organization as well. We offer various programs, including a discount plan (up to 25% off), charity adoption program, and our Neotrope PR Grant program.


Since 1983 Neotrope® has delivered proven, effective, and consistent brand marketing services, professional PR, and technology solutions. Since 2000 Send2Press (a service of Neotrope) has delivered effective, affordable news distribution services, professional press release writing, agency of record service, and syndication of original news content.

Neotrope's Send2Press Newswire service and the Neotrope News Network provide a unique solution for dissemination and persistence of news content to targeted media. We offer the only proven, credible and experienced newswire service which was the first in the industry to be fully staffed by current and former professional journalists, and accredited public relations (PR) professionals. We're proud to be a fully U.S. based company, located in Los Angeles, Calif.

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Non-Profit Discount Program
Standard Discount Program: 20% off Selected Services
Neotrope is offering U.S. based non-profit charitable organizations which are "doing good" in their communities, working with children, rescuing shelter dogs, etc., a substantial discount of 30% off our "Standard" level targeted press release distribution plans, and 15% off press release writing/editing and 10% off our “Premium” level plans (view price and features page).

Please note that all of our pricing is already "agency pricing."

How to Qualify and Apply for Discounts
Only those organizations who have IRS non-taxable charitable status as a 501(c)3 will qualify. Your organization must also have a valid U.S. based Web site. Simply being a money-losing "not-for-profit" or a small org with non-taxable status only within their state will not qualify. 501(c)4 trade groups may be eligible (inquire), but generally will not qualify as trade groups supported by member dues are not chartiable causes in most cases. When sending a release using this program, the press release must clearly be for the non-profit org and not a third party, and must identify the organization as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in the "About the Organization" paragraph.

You will need to send us two (2) pieces of information by scan/PDF/e-mail which are:
1) your IRS non-taxable status confirmation letter showing your EIN, and
2) on your letterhead, a description of what your organization does (often the "about us" text from your Web site). Please include your e-mail address for us to send follow up to.

E-mail scanned PDF or jpeg, or photo from iPhone/etc. to us at help[at] Please include a point of contact including e-mail address on this letter.

NOTE: As of August 2017 we no longer have a FAX number to submit this information.

For both discount programs a discount code will be provided to approved organization which must be entered during checkout/payment in our secure e-commerce system. All services are pre-paid; we do not offer open-account billing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that most religious, political action committee (PAC), and industry trade groups will not qualify for these discount programs. So-called "not-for-profit" groups who are not recognized by the IRS as charitable organizations will not qualify. Many educational organizations, and those who are helping "do good" within the U.S. most certainly will. Examples of the kinds of organizations who qualify include Starlight Childrens Foundation, Paws of Life, Children Awaiting Parents, Special Equestrians, and so forth.

Please note that all of our pricing is already "agency pricing" to begin with, so these discounts come out of our budget directly as our way of assisting your organization. Also, please be aware we are under no obligation to provide any discount, and this is done solely at our descretion.

Non-Profit PR Grant Program
For information on the Non-profit PR Grant, please see:

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