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Where We Send News and Our Newslines

This page provides important information about where and to whom we send news when using our targeted press release distribution plans.

The Send2Press® Newswire service offers various service plans, which can include targeted Direct-to-Editors™ push by email to interested daily and trade media; push to traditional wires like AP and Reuters; Bing News and Google News; syndication and “cloning” across various news systems like the Financial Content Network and the Neotrope® News Network; information systems like LexisNexis; and varied levels of social media marketing to the top sharing and curated content sites.


Explanation of Media Outlet Types

It's important to understand the differences between “daily media” and “trade publications,” as well as “syndication,” prior to reviewing our media lists, so that you know more about what you're looking at. If you're fairly new to PR, you may also wish to read about the difference between PR and direct marketing.

When news is disseminated, it's generally highly-targeted to reach specific daily media as well as trade/consumer publications. These represent the media outlets that might consider your news announcement to be of interest and in turn present that news in some form to their own audience. Additionally news may be syndicated (or “cloned”) onto a vast number of sites, but which is completely automated.

  • DAILY MEDIA: This most often refers to U.S. regional newspapers (daily and weeklies) and broadcast (television and radio). So you will see many distribution plans which describe a push to “daily media” in one state, regional, or national. This specifically identifies that news will be sent to “daily media” in specific areas.

    For one example, a newspaper in Arizona might not care about a local event in Miami, so there would be no purpose in sending a press release to that media outlet. Send2Press offers plans that cover daily media nationally, or more focused to a region (like NE, or NY-NJ-CT), or to a single state, allowing you to more accurately target the media who might actually be interested in the news you're announcing.
  • TRADE PUBLICATIONS: Trade pubs is a term which encompasses print magazines which are published for specific audiences, both in niche trades (like engineering), and broad consumer appeal (like music or fashion). Most magazines are considered “national” since anybody in the U.S. can subscribe to them. Magazines are placed into categories for simplifying both distribution of news announcements and in specifying a target audience for an individual news announcement.

    So, some magazines might fall into a category like “Construction” which would be differet from “Computing” or “Books & Publishing”. Some news crosses multiple categories, such as a book about construction, or financial services software.

    No news announcement can be sent to “all contacts” in our databases, as that would be news spam. News can only be sent to those outlets which cover the specific type of news actually being announced.
  • NEWS SYNDICATION: Most newswire services, including Send2Press, rely on news syndicators (and aggregators) to extend the online reach of each news announcement by automatically publishing the news onto various websites, often to fill space on said sites.

    These are not traditional “pick-ups,” since there is no editor byline, and the staff at the syndication sites might not even read the announcement. It's a way of raising reach at a very low added cost to each project. Primarily this element was developed for agencies to show ROI on a project to a client. It also allows newswires to claim “guaranteed placement” on news portals, although in reality the long-term value is fairly low.

    Syndicated sites have no direct relationship with where your news was sent. So, you might choose to do a 4-states or regional distribution, or even a single state distribution; your news might be sent by email to Florida daily media, but it will also be syndicated onto websites in California, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, etc., as part of the syndication package.

    (*Note: Prior to 2013 Send2Press eschewed some of these syndication systems – like the Financial Content Network – as having little value, but they were added for competitive purposes and due to customer requests.)

PR is just one component of an overall marketing strategy. Press releases are not sent to individuals (except certain known bloggers) or to companies outside the media industry. Our “media lists” refer to the media outlets we send news to. This is why the lists do not include companies, businesses, or individuals within any specific industry.

News announcements push to the media (newspapers, broadcast, print publications, blogs and news sites), and not the public. It's very different from direct marketing, which is focused on reaching consumers or business owners directly.

So, press releases go to the media (such as a magazine about books), while direct maketing sends promotional materials to businesses, such as book stores.

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Standard Plan Media Lists and Newslines


Send2Press targets U.S. daily media (newspapers and broadcast) either by state, region, or full national push, depending on the distribution package chosen.

Chris S. is still working on updated 'regional' targeting lists and selected state-only break-out lists, although an overview of regional targeting can be found in the national documents.

PDFs require password "send2press" to open.
PDF documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open/view/print.

U.S. Daily Media Targeting by Email

   Send2Press US DAILY MEDIA 'By State' (PDF)


U.S. Newsroom Targeting

   Send2Press US NEWSROOMS 'By State' (PDF)


Example Online Syndication

   Send2Press Example Online Syndication (PDF)


With selected plans, Send2Press will also target relevant periodicals related to your news announcement by email. We select applicable "trades" based on actual news being issued, not general industries served by a company/org (PR is not "direct marketing"). We will not spam editors with news content they do not cover.

 PDFs require password "send2press" to open:
PDF documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open/view/print.

U.S. Periodicals Sorted by INDUSTRY

   Send2Press US PERIODICALS 'By Industry' (PDF)


U.S. Periodicals Sorted by NAME

   Send2Press US PERIODICALS 'By Name' (PDF)


Example Trade Media via AP

   Send2Press U.S. AP TRADES (PDF)

N O T E : Some trade publications will not appear in our lists above, either due to: a) request to not send releases; b) requirement to submit news only via an online form; or c) some publications are only for trade groups, and only accept news directly from members.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: we do not provide name/email/phone data for any media contact(s) in our database. Per our privacy policy and safe harbor for media pros, we do not sell, rent or trade media contact information. Our media data is proprietary and is not offered as part of our distribution services.

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  IMPORTANT NOTICE:    Placement on any specific website (news portal, social media, search engine) or in any magazine or news outlet cannot be guaranteed. A press release is not an advertisement, but an invitation to the media to consider use of your news if considered of interest to that specific outlet's audience. Additionally, there is no guarantee content (text and/or images) will appear on any specfic syndication portal, social media outlet, or news aggregator mentioned on this page, due to technical issues outside our control.