Acceptable Content Policy 2023

All news submitted to and issued by Send2Press® Newswire must meet our Acceptable Content Policy (AUP). This policy limits certain kinds of news which are not considered news or newsworthy based on PR and media/broadcast standards. We are not obligated to accept any content, however we do issue news on most newsworthy topics every day.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are not accepting *new* clients from outside the U.S. and Canada at this time (includes Hong Kong, Israel, China, India, Korea, Singapore, South America, Middle East, Dubai, etc.) due to numerous fraud attempts. Existing clients from these areas are still very much welcome! Attempts to bypass our blocking in order system by using fake address, etc., will simply have your project cancelled.

All orders are reviewed by an actual account security manager to ensure this current policy is not abused. Remember, we are under no obligation to accept any project if it does not meet our legal and content requirements.

Because Send2Press® Newswire syndicates news across multiple high-quality news sites as well as traditional information systems like AP, LexisNexis, Contify, Reuters/Westlaw (etc.), we hold our content to a higher standard than most. This means we turn away most of the news content “allowed” by the junk free posting sites, and all-you-can-eat services which don’t work with major syndicators.

Also note for our “S2P+CISION” plans, PRN/CISION has some specific requirements separate from Send2Press, which includes not being able to submit public-company news (traded on any exchange) material to a third party (please inquire!).

Examples of Acceptable Content

  • Company Launches and Mergers.
  • New Product Launch (consumer good, book, CD, software, app, website, etc.)
  • Joint Company Partnerships.
  • Staff Hiring/Appointment (career moves).
  • Company Performance (audience growth, number products shipped, etc.).
  • Legal Business News or Court Victory/Settlement. This would typically include new hires, awards, event sponsorships, or verifiable case wins. (Cannot be “allegation lawsuits” or commentary on other firm’s law cases; you MUST inquire first for pre-approval of legal news. See additional notes below, this page. All court case wins MUST include the appropriate court docket number(s) so media can easily look-up actual case. We do not accept legal news from outside the U.S., either paid for by non-U.S. entities, or related to legal matters outside of the U.S.)
  • Recall of Your Company Product and specifics.
  • Public Gathering/Convention Event.
  • Protest Rally (local news) with clear attribution of group organizing event. This cannot be a release with alternative facts, misinformation on government leaders, conspiracy theories, or anti-vaccine mandates. It cannot make legal claims not validated by a court case win, nor attack political candidates promoting another candidate or political party. All political themed news must be pre-approved.
  • Charity Event.
  • Political Campaign Announcements (must be from actual campaign, not third party or PAC; please seek pre-approval before submission; Frankly Network will not run any political news of any kind).
  • Awards and honors from legitimate, credible trade groups (e.g., BBB, etc.).

Special note for construction, contractors, home repair services: due to an annoying level of lead generation spam, we now require any company promoting “garage door repair,” fences, roof repair, cement work, or similar to include their legally required general contractor license information at the bottom of their press release, or it will be rejected.


    All U.S. political campaign announcements must have a link to legitimate website (not a blog site like candidate.wordpress) where party affiliation, state registration, biography, and any legal notices are clearly posted. There must be legitimate photo of candidate. Media contact email should match website if self promoting (not free account), or be legitimate ad agency or similar. Fake, anonymous, or joke “running for president on the beer bong party” type announcements will not be accepted. If confused, please email proof of release for pre-approval prior to ordering service. (Reminder: we do not accept campaign information from outside U.S., or anything related to international politics.)

    Any political action committee (PAC) must have a verifiable website domain, not hosted on junk/free web builder site. PAC must clearly identify principals and supporting funding organizations and cannot be anonymous entities. Any PAC or political news is subject to pre-approval. Due to various disclosure requirements, we may not be able to accept PAC news if there is too vague a paper trail on the supposed organization, and/or questionable pro/con efforts against any third party candidate or ballot/bill.
    PLEASE contact us for pre-approval of this kind of news.
Learn what a proper press release may contain:

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View our minimum content/format requirements:

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Unacceptable News Content

We will not accept news announcements on any of the following topics:

  • Blog Posts: We do not accept fake self-promotional articles, bylined blog posts, or similar; only press releases, which are news announcements. You can create a press release which promotes and leads to your content, which is a great method of content marketing.
  • Anti-Vaccination / VAXXER “Propaganda”: Starting in 2019, due to prevailing science showing the proven cause of major measles and other outbreaks in the U.S. tied to “anti-vaccination” mis-information and fear mongering, we can no longer accept ANY content promoting the anti-vaccination agenda.
  • Political Attacks and Opinions: We do not accept any content attacking a sitting (or retired) political figure, whether local mayor or President of the U.S.; or alternative fact opinions. This includes conspiracy theories such as elections being “stolen,” or rallies promoting antigovernmental agendas — regardless of political party. ALL political themed news requires pre-approval as most of our content partners and syndication partners will not accept highly biased or factually spurious content.
  • Anonymous Political News: We do not accept anonymous political news or fund-raising from individuals or PACs without a clear and verifiable historical web presence (all political news is subject to pre-approval regardless of topic/source).
  • International Wealth Management Companies: We no longer accept any news from international “wealth management” companies, especially from Asia, due to numerous scam networks issuing releases to validate criminal operations. U.S. companies should seek pre-approval and must include licensing information in release. This includes promotion of investment funds in Asia or Middle East.
  • DRM Removal Software: We no longer accept news related to software intended solely to remove copyright protections from digital products such as YouTube videos, audio books, movies, DVD/Blu-ray, or similar.
  • Bitcoins: We do NOT accept news promoting bitcoin buying/selling websites. We do not accept bitcoin software announcements or bitcoin mining hardware (“mining rigs”) news.
  • Crypto (Cryptocurrency) and ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings): After numerous issues, we no longer accept any ICO related news. We do not accept cryptocurrency news — which can include crypto focused companies and services or “news portals” promoting crypto products.
  • Online Dating Sites/Apps: We no longer accept any online dating site/app news or matchmaking services news. This includes membership and matchmaking/introduction services. This includes dating, hook-ups, marriage apps, arranged marriage, and the like.
  • Sex Toys, Strip Clubs, Pornography and Related: We do not accept any adult product news, adult online or retail store news, Strip clubs, escort services, adult modeling, etc.
  • Penny Auction Sites: We do not accept any news regarding or linking to so-called “penny auction” sites, or offshoots/similar ventures, where bidders pay to bid on items.
  • Opinions and Attacks: We don’t accept “news” or “fake articles” which purport to be reporting on, or fostering opinions about, others which can be viewed as libelous. Similarly we can’t promote a blog which attacks others or focuses on biased claims or attacks on individuals or companies by name.
  • MLM: Multi-level Marketing (MLM) and “make money at home” news will not be accepted. Common topics include travel programs, water purification, gold parties, diet pills, “lifetime free cable TV if you call this number,” or similar.
  • Cannabis Dispensaries: Due to Federal laws and content media will actually accept, we do not currently allow any press releases from cannabis dispensaries promoting branded weed, edible or topical products. Fully licensed medical marijuana facilities promoting pure business news about their company, and not products for sale, may be accepted but will require disclaimer about sales only applying to local customers subject to local city, country and state licenses and laws (PLEASE INQUIRE FIRST!).
  • Cannabis Products: Due to U.S. Federal laws and content media will actually accept, we do not currently allow any press releases from companies promoting branded weed, edible or topical products. This includes mail-order, and brick-and-mortar firms.
  • CBD Oil Products: Due to obscene amount of ‘snake oil’ promotion (including claiming to cure COVID-19), we do not accept news promoting CBD products, or linking to any site selling CBD Oil products at this time.
  • Cigarettes: We accept no news related to cigarettes, including e-cigs, vape/vaping, or any tobacco products. We will not accept any content promoting any nicotine related product or service, blog, or the like.
  • Stock Round-ups / Pumping: Stocks/commodities buy/sell/recommendations are only accepted from a licensed broker. General fake reports about stocks in an industry not accepted.
  • Legal Matters: Lawsuit announcements with no facts in evidence or personal/business allegations will not be accepted. “Alleged” complaints against individuals, government, religious orgs or employers are generally not accepted as these can be on anything and until proven or a judgement made, one can “allege” anything against anyone and the content will live online and in data sources forever; hence why we do not accept such news. We will accept announcement of judgments or case “wins” and certain class-action releases (requires court docket number and court where adjudicated in text). We discourage “trolling for clients” and “ambulance chasing” releases, please!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: all legal news is subject to “pre approval” due to recent abusive and spurious announcements submitted and rejected; please contact us first with example of your announcement to see if acceptable. Thank you. WE ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO ACCEPT ANY NEWS CONTENT, AND ACCEPTANCE OF ANY LEGAL NEWS IS AT OUR SOLE DESCRETION.

  • Nutrition Products: News related to diet pills or body part enhancement, energy boosting, miracle nutraceuticals will not be accepted. Some nutritional products may be accepted with proper FDA disclaimer; requires pre-approval. No COVID-related supplement products will be accepted of any kind.
  • ED Treatments: News related to ED treatments.
  • Credit Repair and Tax Refund Scams: News promoting credit repair “for a fee” services; especially those requiring credit card sign-up, are not accepted.
  • “Hacks and Kraks”: News promoting software which bypasses Google copy-protection, such as capture of YouTube videos, is not allowed; or any other intellectual property defeating tools.
  • Vanity Awards: Consistently, less then credible “awards” organizations spring up saying your company is something like “the best in your city,” without anything to back that up, or credible business behind the award. Most of these companies exist only to sell you plaques, crystal trophies, or framed certificates. This is not news, and we cannot issue this type of junk award news.
  • Casinos and Fantasy Sports: We don’t accept news related to casino/gambling, or online fantasy sports sites with payouts. (We do accept charity casino nights, or events such as concerts held at casinos.)
  • Lotteries: News for lotteries or paid raffles will not be accepted unless properly licensed subject to local laws with full disclaimers and disclosures meeting local and Federal U.S. laws.
  • Foreign Politics and Law: We do not accept news related to Foreign Government (outside the U.S.) politics, elections, protests, or policy. Nor any legal matter related to foreign companies or individuals.
  • Education Cheats: We do not accept news regarding services, particularly from overseas, promoting “essay and test writing” services for students to cheat on their class assignments in the U.S.
  • Affiliate Links: We do not accept fake articles, such as “top stereo roundups” which lead to affiliate links either directly or via redirects to sites like Amazon or other resellers. Affiliate linking is advertising, not news for the media!
  • Go Fund Me Campaigns: We do not accept any “asking for money” press releases. A legitimate news announcement, where a Go Fund Me is not the central element might be accepted. Please seek pre-approval.
  • Crackpots: Crackpot ideas like chemtrails, truthers, alien spy bugs in your hair, or pretty much anything from Alex Jones or Charlie Sheen, will not be accepted.
  • Convicted Criminals: We do not accept news from convicted criminals. This includes “self proclaimed” celebrities, former CEOs looking to do reputation management, etc.
  • April Fools: We do not accept fake news intentionally intended to trick or deceive the media into running a known-false news announcement. Any April Fools announcement must run April 1, and must have disclaimer at bottom identifying it as April Fools content — and requires pre-approval. Content submitted and later found to be intentionally deceptive may be removed, at our sole discretion, with no refund, and client will be forever banned from our platforms.

Projects submitted related to any of the above will be cancelled. We reserve the right to refuse any and all content deemed non-newsworthy, potentially fraudulent and/or intentionally misleading.

You may, of course, contact us in advance to pre-approve any press release announcement.


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