Acceptable Content Policy 2024

ACCEPTABLE CONTENT POLICY (ACP): An overview of news that we do, and do not, accept.

This policy describes our content acceptance policy (ACP). Please review this information prior to purchase or submission of any news release project.

We only accept press releases. We do not accept bylined articles, blog posts, or affiliate link marketing spam.

New clients from outside U.S./Canada require pre-approval.

Policy updated June 1, 2024 and supercrdes all prior ACP statements.


Use these jump links to get to each section of our ACP:

SECTION ONE: The first section (1.) will cover special requirements for legal and political news

SECTION TWO: the second section (2.) covers news topics we do accept

SECTION THREE: the third section (3.) covers news topics we do not accept.



  • These two categories have special limitations and requirements.
  • All legal news and political news require pre-approval (before you purchase or submit a service!).

LEGAL NEWS: We do NOT accept any business allegation, complaint or civil lawsuit announcements.

We ONLY accept “case wins” which include court docket, clear attribution of the attorney and/or law firm who managed the case (issuing the news) along with where adjudicated.

We do NOT accept “commentary” on third party court cases. We dot not accept any legal news from outside U.S. We do NOT accept spam class action lawsuits (“Camp Lejeune” etc.).

POLITICAL NEWS: We do not accept any political news attacking any seated candidate. We do not accept any third party candidate announcements or PACs.

We do not accept any “alternative fact” news spouting known false information, even if an opinion.

All campaign announcements must be from registered candidate in state/locale where running, must have valid campaign website and use headshot of candidate (not banner ad graphics).


Again, you MUST send us a release related to legal or political matters BEFORE purchasing a service. Orders placed on an unsupported topic will be cancelled and refunded less the card fee we don’t get back.



Send2Press accepts traditional news announcments on the following topics (as examples), subject to limitations mentioned in this ACP.

  • New Products: this might include new book, new music, new video, new breakfast cereal, new software, saas website, app, etc.
  • Company News: this might include new staff hiring, awards (except certain junk/scam “best company in town” awards), new locations, earnings or length of time in business milestones, business partnerships, sponsorships, etc.
  • Event Announcements: this can include grand openings, concerts, parades, trade shows, charity fundraisers, seminars, live theatre, 5/10K runs, etc. (Note: for political rallies and protests, these require pre-approval.)
  • Real Estate: this can include residential and commerical properties for sale, property auctions (but not raffles), new construction and the like. (Note: We do NOT accept property investment offerings from outside the U.S., such as timeshare, or retirement communities in international locales, etc.)
  • Professional Services: this can include news related to construction, manufacturing, materials and the like. Any contracting services must include relevant state contractors license info at bottom of release.
  • Health and Medical: this can include services such as dentistry, spa and skin care, nursing, hospice, senior living, medtech, medical devices, and the like. (Note: we do not accept snake oil nutraceuticals or any product promoting body part enhancements, ED or herbal supplements, etc. We do not accept any “anti-vaccination” propaganda.)
  • Investment, Retirement and Wealth Management: we only accept such news about services, not promotion of any fund or stock, from U.S.-based registered financial advisors and certified financial planners (e.g., CFPs and RIAs). We do not accept this kind of news from any such company outside the U.S.
  • Hospitality and Travel: we accept news related to travel destinations, rail and cruise line, travel insurance, restaurants, hotels and the like.


Send2Press does NOT accept any news announcements regarding or related to the following topics. Submitting such news will have order cancelled and refunded (less card fee), without exception.

  • Smoking Products: we do not accept any news related to cigarettes, e-cigs, vaping, cannabis or supplies. We cannot promote smoke shops, cannabis dispensaries or related events or brands.
  • CBD Products: we do not accept any CBD edibles, CBD oils, or related topical products.
  • Scammy Insurance Products: this includes “home warranty” and “car warranty” offerings.
  • Scammy Financial Products: this includes payday loans, credit repair, tax refund advances, rent to own services and the like.
  • Investment Funds and ETF: this includes most “alternative investments” and exchange-traded funds, and uninsured investment products.
  • Stock Pumping: we do not accept any news related to public companies (with stock ticker), such as buy recommendations, research, or round-ups; unless from a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), with proof of registration with the SEC and/or state regulatory agency. Must also disclose/state that no financial relationship exists between the RIA and company(s) mentioned. Our news does not appear on most ticker sites, in any case. This kind of news must be pre-approved prior to submission! (Note: use of stock ticker by a business announcing legitimiate partnership with a public company is considered acceptable. PRN/Cision will remove all tickers from their versions.)
  • Crypto, ICO, Mining, or Magical Blockchain Thinking: we do not accept any news related to crypto currencies, crypto mining products or services; ICOs; pie-in-the-sky blockchain solutions without verifiable data and company information, or certain NFT products. Blockchain software solutions, unrelated to currencies, from established verifiable U.S.-based companies with clear and complete information will be considered and must be pre-approved prior to submission.
  • MLM and Make Money: We do not accept any “how to get rich,” or multi level marketing (MLM) pyramid programs.
  • Firearms and Weapons: we do not accept any news related to guns, ammo, or supplies. This includes weapons of any kind.
  • Affiliate Link and Penny Auction Sites: we do not accept news from websites setup only to promote affiliate links, nor do we allow affiliate links in press releases. We do not accept any “penny auction” site news.
  • Dating and Adult: we do not accept any dating app or website news, matchmaking services, strip clubs, escort services, XXX video or publishing, adult toys or similar.
  • Casinos, Lotteries and Fantasy Sports: we do not accept any casinos, gambling or sports betting news of any kind.
  • Education Cheats: we do not accept any news promoting services for “essay writing and test taking” to allow students to cheat on their education classes.
  • Convicted Criminals: we do not accept news from convicted criminals.
  • Reputation Management and Repair: we do not accept news from those seeking to post counter-content to legal indictments, convictions, complaints and the like. We *may* accept some legitimate news, provided not related to legal matters, but this must be submitted for pre-approval prior to purchase.
  • April Fools: we do not accept any April Fools announcements intended to misdirect facts, partnerships or offerings. (Note: certain clearly illusory announcements on April 1, which have disclaimer noting the news is fictional at bottom, may be accepted in advance with pre-approval.)
  • Go Fund Me Campaigns: we do not accept any “asking for money” press releases. A legitimate news announcement, where a Go Fund Me is not the central element might be accepted. Please seek pre-approval.
  • Crackpots and Alternative Facts: we do not accept any news purporting to make unfounded claims about 5G, chemtrails, lizard people, flat Earth, non-existant election fraud, celebrity abuse, or simliar nonsense we have turned away over the years.
  • By Association Spam: We do not allow “by association” content where mention of a celebrity name (e.g., Taylor Swift), event (e.g., OSCARS), famous location (e.g., Hollywood sign) are used to help promote a product or service, or person, when the news and/or company have no direct relationship to said person, place, or event. We do allow mentions when there is sponsorship involved, such as sponsoring race car at NASCAR, or being included in official OSCARS gift baskets, or a celebrity speaking at event (with proof of appearance, not a simple “invite”). Trying to associate your company/service with something you are in no way affiliated with is not allowed. Submit release for pre-approval if not sure this applies to you, please.

Projects submitted related to any of the above will be cancelled. We reserve the right to refuse any and all content deemed non-newsworthy, potentially fraudulent and/or intentionally misleading.


ACCEPTANCE NOTICE: Send2Press is not required to accept any content whatsoever. News is only accepted if found to be legitimate news, and subject to the above Acceptable Content Policy (ACP).

FORMAT REQUREMENTS: All news must meet our format requirements, which include proper attribution and which generally follows AP Style. A press release is news being issued by a legitimate “news source” and cannot be anonymous or a bylined article.

REFUNDS: Any news submitted and noted above as “unacceptable” will be cancelled, and refunded less the credit card fee we do not get back. This is part of our Terms of Service (TOS) you agree to during purchase.


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