Frequently Asked Questions

To view our normal FAQs and requirements, please see the help/getting started page on the main website: CLICK/TAP HERE.

Answers to Top Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Prior customer, but I can't login to my account?

We switched to a new, and much easier to use, secure order system as of Sept. 15, 2015. So, all accounts from 2009-2015 are still in our system, but all passwords had to be reset as part of the move to a new platform. On our login page, or the checkout page, you can click the “lost password” link to issue new password for your existing account.

If you use an auto-login password system like RoboForm, or have your web browser “remember” logins, be sure to update whatever you’re using to your new password so you don’t have to reset again next visit.

How can I pay for services?

All services are pre-paid and ordered securely online from our PCI-DSS certified payment system. We do not offer credit terms (e.g., net 30).

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). We also accept Apple Pay on compatible devices as of March 2017.

Optionally you can pay via your PayPal account using either your balance, credit card, or e-check*. (NOTE: International customers must have “verified” account with PP to use with our checkout or order will be cancelled).

*Note: e-checks take 2-4 days to “clear” before any work can be performed.

Do you offer flat rate subscription pricing?

No. All of our pricing is per-project as every dissemination is unique and requires custom review/proofing, unique image in most cases, and social media hand-work done by a real person, as well as custom report set-up.

We do offer quantity discounts for pre-paying for multiple plans, and this is a popular option for many of our agency clients.

Is there content you won't accept for a press release?

Yes. We turn away quite a bit of junk news, advertorial content, and news regarding questionable business offerings. Please click/tap link below to see our current Acceptable Content Policy (ACP).

Where do I submit my project?

When You Checkout
All projects are submitted on separate Project Form after checkout is completed; and not part of the payment process. When you complete a purchase you will be directed to submit your project; or, you can check your order receipt email for link to the project form.

The project forms are not part of this order system (store). You do NOT log-in here to submit your project!

I already paid, now what?
If you closed your web browser before going to the project form, you can check your order receipt email for link to the project form.

For those ordering a “multi-pack” for a quantity discount, a welcome email will be provided with the “how to submit project” info which you can keep with your records.

We highly recommend creating a folder called “Send2Press” in your email software where you can save important links to reports, receipts, confirmations, etc., for future reference.

You can also contact us during normal business hours and we’re happy to help point you in the right direction! ๐Ÿ™‚

Where do I log-in to my reports?

When your release is issued and pushed to media (“cleared”), we send you a formal “clear time and report” email for each project. That email contains the direct link to your story on our website, including shortcode URL to use with social media, and link to your single report for the one project. Since there is no log-in to your report, this makes it simple to share with a client or use within an organization without constantly chasing passwords.

Reports are not accessed via this secure order system (store).

How do I know you really sent out my news?

With each project we provide you a PRTrax™ dashboard with links to your story online including Google News (also appears in Apple News and Bing News, and with Premium plans Yahoo! Finance); links to sites in the Neotrope News Network and FC Network syndicating your news. With Premium plans, you get an expanded report with links to your story on top financial sites, BizJournals* sites, and TV/Radio sites.

We also provide links to social media with your story, as well as list of example media we actually sent your news to Direct-to-Editors™ by email. You can trust our 30+ years in business, 15+ years of operation for our Send2Press® spin-off, and thousands of verified media placements and customer testimonials.

*Note: neither S2P or PRN can guarantee news placement on any specific site or network due to local site/network content policies or technical issues outside our control.

How do I get my order receipt(s)?

When you complete checkout an order receipt is automatically sent to the email address you entered along with your payment information. Please check that email for the receipt. If you mis-entered the email, if your account uses challenge-response, or if mailbox is full, then you obviously won’t get the automated receipt email.

You can log-in to your account and print any of your past order receipts (back to 2010). We cannot send you old receipts directly, unfortunately. You must log-in to your account to retrieve any past receipts.


Do I have to send you a 1099 form for taxes?

No. We receive a 1099-K from our merchant providers for IRS revenue reporting so no need to send us anything. You are not hiring Neotrope/Send2Press as a consultant, as you might a designer, accountant or lawyer. You can treat Send2Press expenses the same way you do advertising with Google or similar.

However, if you absolutely need it, we can provide the business tax ID for Neotrope to keep someone’s head from exploding or melting. ๐Ÿ™‚

Please note that Send2Press is a service of, a DBA and U.S. registered trademark of NEOTROPE® — it is not a company. Neotrope is located in Torrance, CA 90505 USA (Los Angeles county) and was established Jan. 1983.