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Optional additional print-resolution image “add-on” for media and web; will be visible on S2P network and link on PRN network (if applicable). Quantity discount available on 2-3 items ordered at once.

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Print Resolution Image

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Optional additional print-resolution image for media and web; 300dpi 4×5-inches.

This option gives you one (1) additional print resolution image for media and online, and can be added as second image for Industry, Regional or National plans; or as one high-resolution image for State/Event plans which normally only include one web-resolution image. Not applicable to “online” plans.

For Send2Press (S2P) distribution and online partners, we will include the image as web image online and it will be visible on most websites, and high resolution version will be downloadable link in text online and in email copies to media. For “Premium” plans, the image will only be a link on PRN copies and network sites (for image to be visible on PRN sites, you would need to buy the PRN photo upgrade, which includes this item as part of the fee — meaning, you don’t need to get both).

Note that most syndication partners, social media, Google News, Bing News, etc. only show the single primary image and not any/all additional images. Some content partners may show no image at all.

This option is not applicable to any “online” plan.

Image Size and Dimensions
We accept any size file/format, but the ideal size is 300dpi and 4×5-inches. Note we will automatically conform odd sizes, such as 17-inches and 96dpi to 300dpi so that the image is media friendly. File size should be under 4MB for sending to us by email.

Image will be included in release as link without cropping, but the online web version shown on websites may be cropped to fit our standard 500×375 web image box. Cropping for this version is done here and based on our best judgment for optimum presentation and page speed. You cannot “pre approve” the web version of the image if we need to crop to fit.

Acceptable Content
Image should generally be only a photograph, illustration or similar, or company logo(s). Ad banners cannot be used by media, nor posted on our sites/partner sites, or social media.

Quantity Discount
You can save 25% on each image when you add 2 or 3 of this option to your cart. A maximum of 3 additional images may be included (no more than 2 total images are recommended).

If you have a lot of images, you should consider setting up a gallery on your website, Facebook, Flickr, or similar and simply link to that gallery page.