Standard NATIONAL Distribution Plan


Direct-to-Editors™ email distribution to applicable national magazines, plus daily U.S. media (newspapers, TV/radio) in all U.S. states; and syndication on 100+ websites. (See features overview below, this page.) Includes AP newsrooms.


Writing Options

*Optional: full release writing with PR Pro; or one/two draft re-write of your provided text.

Social Boost Options

*Optional: Social media ‘boost’ with ‘promoted news post’ on Facebook or/and Twitter. See explanation below in information tab.

Std. S2P Photo Options

*Optional: additional photos with release (one photo included free).

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Standard NATIONAL Distribution Plan

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Includes distribution to U.S. Newsrooms via the AP, placement on the website, plus national online syndication on newspaper and broadcast websites via the AP.

  • Direct-to-Editors™ targeted email push to editors by name at all applicable U.S. trade and consumer print magazines related to your announcement.
  • Direct-to-Editors™ targeted email push to editors at daily media (newspaper/broadcast) in all U.S. States (6,000 outlets typical). Targeting to editors by name where possible (e.g., entertainment editor at LA Times).
  • Push to syndication partners, including Neotrope® News Network, and FC Network, broadcast sites with ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX (post on 150-200 full-text sites typical); information systems like LexisNexis and ProQuest, etc. (NOTE: 30 Frankly Network broadcast sites do not support any mature or political content.)
  • Basic social media campaign with push to top social media portals to raise visibility.
  • Placement in Apple News, Google News and Bing News (does not include Yahoo! Finance).
  • Basic PRtrax™ clip reporting and prPurls™ social click-through dashboard (not a “media monitoring” service).
  • One free print-resolution (300 dpi, 3×4 inch) image/photo.
  • For complete features of this, and other, Send2Press Newswire distribution plans, click/tap the button below.
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Base WORD LENGTH LIMIT this plan:
800-1,200 words (350-650 is ideal length).


Scheduling and File Upload:

You specify desired plan options and ASAP or scheduled “push time” on our Project Form after checkout (payment) is completed. All projects are reviewed and personally confirmed by a member of our expert staff. You may request optional “AP format” checking copy.

Normal push time is within 4 hours during our normal business hours (9-5, M-F, PST/PDT; closed weekends and U.S. holidays), or projects may be scheduled for next business day morning, or future date (or “hold for call”).


We use MS Word (.doc/.docx/.rtf) files for review and proofing, not PDFs. Word doc is used for review only and is not transmitted to media. All news is transmitted as plain text (UTF-8) when sent Direct-to-Editors™ by email.


Optional Press Release Writing:

Full press release writing is not included with this distribution plan, but may be purchased as an “add on option” for $199. One draft and two-draft revision/re-write options also available.

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Important Notes:

ALL SERVICES are offered subject to our Terms of Service (TOS) and acceptable content policies. All projects must meet our minimum content requirements and cannot be disseminated with missing/incomplete information. Pricing for this plan is “per release issued” and not a subscription or membership fee.

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Social Booster Pack

Optional Social Booster Campaign “Add-on”:


While Send2Press has always supported social media with every project (starting around 2005), we also now provide simple affordable options to “boost” your placement on the top two social media portals: Facebook and Twitter. These promotions of your news increase verified visibility of your news announcement; they are not designed to promote your website directly, but rather the news announcement, which then leads to your site(s).

What are the costs?

This simple program is designed as an affordable “add-on” for our news distribution packages. For as little as $20 you can add a very basic promoted post campaign on Facebook, which might reach hundreds of people who have previously exhibited an interest in a topic like “crowd funding” or “photo editing” or whatever (you can specify the topics on our Project Form when uploading your release). For local or regional events, we can target one U.S. state, or even a 50-mile radius of a single U.S. city.

Please remember this promotion is intended to promote the news announcement, not your website or FB page directly.

More advanced campaigns provide for promotion on both Facebook and on Twitter. With the campaigns including Twitter you can specify #tags or phrase (e.g., “cookbook” and “chili cookbook” and #newcookbook, etc.). Twitter campaigns typically run 1-3 days depending on budget and popularity of #words actually used (you may select 20 keywords, but as few as five might actually generate views).

What about “free” promotion included with distribution?

With all “National” plans we do provide a free basic paid promotion on Facebook (FB) with a spend amount of $5. The social booster upgrade gives you far more notable targeted promotion by having a larger spend, and therefore much larger potential audience.

What reports are included?

Simple reporting shows information such as number of views, shares, likes; and with Twitter additional metrics like device platform, male/female, and location by U.S. state of the person who viewed the tweet. For those who need it we can also include the U.K. and/or Canada in the “audience” targeting, select only women, and other micro-targets.

Important Notes

The number of views/engagements per campaign is somewhat volatile based on the ongoing evolving nature of promoted/paid content, timelines and newsfeeds on Twitter and Facebook, which is all outside our (or your) control. With Facebook, you can add additional funding once an initial campaign is completed, if desired. Also be aware that if using a new customer or non-profit discount code, this will also reduce the spend amount by the amount of the coupon. You can also add the social booster campaign separate from coupon to maintain the full spend amount, in place of using the add-on option for a single distribution plan. Quantity discounts do not apply to this service (as when buying multi-packs of a single distribution plan).

Add-on Options Information

Some add-ons can be added to your cart at same time as the main service, and these are found top-right of the service page above the “add to cart” button. Be aware that if you order (2) of the main product with any add-on also selected, you will be ordering (2) of the add-on as well (e.g., writing, social boost, etc.).

NOTICE: Send2Press will be rolling out new plans Q4/2020 that include push via the Associated Press (AP) both to U.S. newsrooms as well as online. Pardon the mess as we start migrating to updated store and service pages for 2021.

Options can be added singly from the add-ons “aisle”  found here. Some add-ons may only be ordered from the separate aisle due to being excluded from coupon, quantity, and non-profit discount programs.

Social Boost Add-On

See the “tab” above for information on the “social booster pack” add-ons.

Optional Press Release Writing or Revision

Full press release writing is not included with this distribution plan, but may be purchased as an “add on option” for $199. The “full writing” option includes phone interview and multiple drafts, working with an accredited PR pro on staff. One draft and two-draft revision/re-write options also available (does not include phone interview and you must provide the initial draft for use to revise).

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Send2Press Std. Photo(s) Add-On

All NATIONAL distribution plans include one free 300dpi 3×4 inch print-ready photo for media. With all other plans only a web resolution image (approx. 700×525 pixels) is included, which is used for web, syndication, social and news platforms (e.g., Google News, Apple News, etc.).

You may optionally add “additional” images from the photo add-on option, if desired (with the one photo add-on, you would have 2 photos; with the 2 photo add-on you would have 3 photos). Alternately, simply link to images you host on your own website/blog.

Note that most websites and social media will only show ONE image; our main site will show all, and email copies of release would have link to images. Web image print on page as 696×522 pixels, optimized for mobile, scaled up slightly for AMP-supported mobile users (see our for examples).

If you order multiple images for Send2Press (S2P) site/network, these may only appear on the main S2P website; other sites may only show one primary image and not the second/third image(s); some will show none at all if they strip out the included image meta data. Social media will generally show only the “primary” (first) image. Photo always preferable to logo.

When ordering a Premium level plan, Send2Press free and add-on images appear only as “links” via PR Newswire® (PRN). For images to appear on PRN sites you must choose the “PRN multimedia” add-on option(s) when ordering a Premium level plan. The Premium LITE plans will show ONE (1) free web image online at no added cost.


Premium Plan Add-Ons

Premium Plan Word Length

All Premium level plans have a base word length limit where PRN has an upcharge for every 100 words or fraction over the limit.

  • The PLUS plans have a 400 word limit ($140 per 100 words over).
  • The LITE plans have a 400 word limit ($60 per 100 words over).

If your release is over the limit (everything in the text, headline, dateline, media contact info all count!), then you would need to order the appropriate number of extra words. This is PRN’s fee, not ours. PRN changes pricing each March, and so the above cost subject to change, but will be updated from the actual option drop-downs.

Premium Plan PRN Multimedia

For those using our Premium PLUS plans you have the option to have PRN include a visible image in their network. Send2Press provides a substantial discount over PRN’s normal fee for these options. Image should be 300dpi, 7-inches in one dimension.

The LITE plans include one free web resolution image (must be at least 700×500 pixels). Additional images, video option, and Times Square option NOT available with LITE plans.

Basic Photo Photo will appear on over 2,500 websites in PRN’s partner network (many of these do not show in search results, and may be temporary; 150 trackable sites typical).
Standard Photo + Times Square Photo will appear on over 2,500 websites in PRN’s partner network. Photo will appear in Times Square with your headline, randomly over several days in 15 second increments as part of rotation. Webcam snapshots will appear in your Visibility Report after 7-8 days.
Times Sq. High Resolution As above, but adds high resolution digital image from pro photographer taken “on the street” which can be used as “keepsake,” for framing, printing, social media, etc.
YouTube video option can be added from the separate add-ons aisle as it’s not a popular add-on (same price as Basic photo). You can, of course, link to any multimedia (high res image on your site, YouTube or Vimeo video, etc.) as text in your release at no cost (counts in word length).

Quantity Discount

When you pre-pay for 3+ of this plan on a single order, you receive a discount on our single project plan price. This discount can only apply when placed on a single order, and cannot be a cumulative (over time) discount on past projects. Plans do not expire and can be used any time in the future.

3+ = 10% discount
5+ = 15% discount
10+ = 20% discount


IMPORTANT NOTE: No other coupons or promotions can be combined with the quantity discount. Quantity purchases are non-refundable.