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eBay News


Article Editor: Carly Zander

Bonfire Media Named eBay Star Developer

Awarded eBay Innovator Star Developer at the Annual eBay Developer Conference

NEW ORLEANS, La. - June 24, 2004 /Send2Press Newswire/ -- At the 2004 eBay Developer Conference, Bonfire Media ( announced it has received an eBay Star Developer Award in the category of Innovator for its popular Pocket Auctions for eBay application. Pocket Auctions for eBay enables users to access popular eBay features from their mobile phones, including search, bidding, viewing pictures, outbid alerts, and checking "My eBay." By making eBay accessible anywhere, Bonfire Media is changing the way users interact with eBay. The Innovator award recognizes inventive use of the eBay Platform and progressive use of industry technology.

The eBay Star Developer Awards are presented annually to recognize the talent and dedication of members of the eBay Developers Program. At this year's awards ceremony, eBay also awarded four other organizations for their accomplishments in the categories of Early Adopter and Service to the Developer Community.

"We are very excited to receive the prestigious Star Developer award from eBay," said Alex Poon, co-founder of Bonfire Media. "eBay's Platform enabled us to develop Pocket Auctions and bring a new experience to eBay users. By making the eBay experience mobile, we enable users to better integrate eBay into the flow of their daily lives. Now eBay users can look at pictures of items for sale, bid on items or check 'My eBay' while walking to work, shopping at the mall, or watching a baseball game. Bonfire Media will continue to bring innovative eBay functionality to mobile phones." Pocket Auctions is currently available on Sprint PCS, AT&T mMode, and will soon be available on other carriers.

"Bonfire Medias unique application is one of the first to make use of the eBay Developers Program to deliver eBay to mobile phones," said Randy Ching, vice president of platform solutions for eBay. "This progressive use of industry technology and eBay Platform earned Bonfire Media an Innovator award."

A panel of five industry media representatives, plus Jeffrey McManus of the eBay Developers Program, eBay Founder Pierre Omidyar and OReilly founder Tim OReilly, comprised the panel of eight judges that determined the winner of this years award for Innovative Application. Media panelists included Jon Erickson of Dr. Dobbs Journal, John Waters of Application Development Trends, Chris Pirillo of, Sean Rhody of Web Services Journal, and Will Iverson of Cascade Technology Group.

The eBay Developer Conference brings together members of the eBay and PayPal developers communities, eBay and PayPal staffers, e-commerce experts and exhibitors for two days of stimulating discussion and activities. Attendees learn about the latest development tools and technologies for eBay and PayPal, which will enable them to create software solutions that automate and accelerate business processes, and create greater efficiencies for buying and selling on the eBay and PayPal platforms.

About Bonfire Media
Bonfire Media was founded in 2002 to bring productivity and entertainment applications to wireless users around the world.

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