Press Release SEO Tips

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While some would have you believe it's terribly complicated to optimize a press release for better SEO; it's not, in fact, very hard at all. In order for your news to rank better under your most desired phrases in search results, my recommendation is to follow these simple tips I've tried to distill down from the heady brew of SEO and general press release writing.
Using PR to Market Your BookUsing PR to Market Your BookUsing PR to Market Your BookUsing PR to Market Your Book

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Promote Your Book Using a Press Release: One of the most cost-effective ways to "get the word out" about your new book is to use a press release. Basically, this is a brief announcement directed to the media (magazines, newspapers, TV, and online sites), which describes something which is newsworthy.
How to Write a Press Release

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How to write a press release: One of the most important things to know when developing a press release to send to the media is proper formatting. Several accepted formats are used in the public relations (PR) field. Some of them will be discussed here, and a sample press release is provided in one of the most common formats. Other important elements to a good news release are covered step-by-step.
Why Use Press Releases

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Why your business should be using press releases for marketing its products and services. An effective marketing plan for any type of new business venture, or an existing corporate entity, comprises a myriad of tools and strategies. PR Guru Christopher Simmons introduces you to the value of self-promotion using a press release.