Free News Feed Widgets

Hello! For over 15 years Send2Press has offered at least one type of “easy to use” Javascript news feed widget for webmasters to easily post on their static old-school pages. Even today, we still do!

But to make one point here, if you are using a modern site with a CMS (content management system), like WordPress or similar, it’s actually simpler to use one of our RSS feeds and insert that into your content either as a widget, on-page headline element, or even capture the “full text” of our news items to syndicate on your own portal. To use RSS instead of a Javascript widget, please instead visit the RSS syndication page.

Javascript Widgets

You can customize the width/height within the code itself and/or apply classes locally from your stylesheet if so desired. These widgets are provided as-is without any further support. You can also control how many characters for the excerpt, background color, etc., with simple CSS coded into the widget.

The default news stream is “all news,” which combines our business, finance, health, entertainment and technology news together.

You can switch out the default feed in the Javascript to any of the feeds on our site (topic, industry, city or state), or use one of the main category feeds, which are:

  • Business News (all):
  • Finance News (all):
  • Entertainment News (all):
  • Health and Medical News (all):
  • Charity/Non-Profit News (all):
  • Technology News (all):
  • California News (all):

Static Headline Widget
We have several iterations on this page you can use for your site. First is a static widget of our latest news items, similar to the classic widgets retired on May 15, 2016. This is available as copy/paste code to put on your page, or as an iframe where that may be more compatible with your layout.

Normal Version – an example is found lower, this page

Normal Version – iframe

Scrolling Widgets
As with the static widget, the scrolling widget will show our latest news, but will scroll up to look more like a vertical “ticker” of news. This version is also available as normal widget or as iframe widget.

Scrolling Version

Scrolling Version – iframe


Thank you to FeedWind
Special shout out to the cool folks at FeedWind for the custom code and CDN for the above widgets. They do support both http and https, which is nice. While we will be “rolling our own” local generated versions here very soon, we will keep these FeedWind version available for your use as long as FeedWind is around to do so.

We no longer offer custom widgets “per topic” as we did in our old system from 2005-2016, however you can create your own widget from any of our RSS feeds using the free FeedWind service.


(“entertainment” RSS feed, headlines only, non-scrolling, responsive=off, default colors; custom main title, custom title length [change from 55 to 100])



(headlines + excerpt, non-scrolling, custom colors, custom title and excerpt length)