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Article Editor: Christopher Laird Simmons

Marketing Department For Hire Helps Small Businesses Increase Sales - Offers Affordable, Results-Producing Consulting

MONTCLAIR, NJ - August 4, 2004 /Send2Press Newswire/ -- More than 5 million small businesses open each year and, statistically speaking, 50% of them are doomed to failure; experts cite the main reasons are lack of experience, followed by insufficient capital. "The Marketing Department for Hire," a new service from Jane Tabachnick eMarketing Group, provides affordable, professional marketing consulting and mentoring via email to help small businesses succeed, even on tiny marketing budgets.

Many business owners start businesses because they have a passion for their product or service. "I think many entrepreneurs and consultants have great ideas, but don't necessarily have all the training or skills to execute them," states Jane Tabachnick, founder of the Marketing Department For Hire.

She cites the Top 5 reasons small businesses don't market themselves is because many:

  • think of Marketing as a dirty word,
  • are not comfortable with marketing - they find it particularly hard to toot their own horn,
  • are too busy taking care of existing clients to have time to market and keep the pipeline full,
  • don't plan a strategy and set goals,
  • have small or non-existent budgets.

According to an April 2004 Inc. Magazine article entitled, Brains For Hire by Suzanne McGee, "Each year, countless professionals leave their corporate jobs to become consultants. But launching a consultancy is a lot harder than you might think. New entrepreneur Tim Armitage states, 'A challenge today is something I used to be able to pass on to other departments. Now, there's no one to call.'"

The Marketing Department For Hire is that someone to call - or email. It's an ideal solution for business owners who want to boost their business success but have a shoestring budget. For a little more than the cost of a Starbucks Latte a day, it offers expert consulting and training to help business owners run their own marketing programs, while avoiding costly mistakes.

For those with larger budgets, they provide campaign management and other services. It can save time and money through its directory of proven resources that produce quality work in smaller quantities.

Founder Jane Tabachnick has worked with entrepreneurs for 20 years as a faculty volunteer with the American Women' Economic Development Corps. "It was through my work at AWED, that I have seen the excitement and passion of entrepreneurs, as well as their needs, challenges and frustrations," stated Ms. Tabachnick. "This lead to development of products -- books, guides, teleclasses and CD Roms geared towards small business owners. The Marketing Department For Hire is a natural extension of those products."

While there are no guarantees for making a small business startup successful, business owners can eliminate some risks by careful planning, thorough preparation, expert guidance and maximizing their budgets, no matter how limited.

(c) The Marketing Department for Hire logo The Marketing Department for Hire plans to roll out other services offerings; The first one will be "The Complete Ezine," - a professionally written, affordable, fully brandable email newsletter for small business owners who want to use email marketing but don't have the time or know how to do it themselves. They just add their logo and hit send. It will launch in September.

For more information on The Marketing Department For Hire visit

About Jane Tabachnick
Jane Tabachnick, founder of the Jane Tabachnick eMarketing Group provides strategy, marketing, email marketing and event planning services to businesses of all sizes. She offers seminars and training on related topics. Ms. Tabachnick is the author of Plain Jane's Promotional Planner, Email Virtuoso Template Kits, and SaniSpam -- a patent pending anti-spam software. She was recently named a Woman of the Future and honored with a Galaxy Award for her work with entrepreneurs.

Ms. Tabachnick is also available for private consultations and lively group presentations.

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