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Article Editor: Christopher Laird Simmons

TimeIPS® -- Intelligent Personnel Management Systems by Stratitec® Help Reduce Labor Costs and Control Overtime

Systems for 5 to 500 employees - expandable to 2500 employees. Easy installation and setup. Provides real-time labor cost information.

WICHITA, KS - August 17, 2004 /Send2Press Newswire/ -- Stratitec ( today announced the availability and shipping of their new intelligent personnel management systems for small, medium and larger-sized businesses looking to control overtime and lower employee-related costs. TimeIPS systems are designed to provide substantial savings, potentially thousands of dollars per year per employee, compared to manual cards or digital punch-clock devices. Each system integrates time and attendance records, detailed employee personnel information and scheduling, payroll data collection and calculation, allowing for accurate, REAL-TIME reporting and control of payroll costs and employee related issues.

The systems range in price from $499 to $3,999 with no IT implementation or training required. TimeIPS is designed with virtually every business in mind - even businesses with as few as 5 employees can operate more efficiently, increase productivity and generate more profits. For businesses with up to 500 employees, TimeIPS delivers management tools directly to the PC desktop for every level in the organization to effectively control employee-related costs. For larger scale enterprises, the most powerful TimeIPS systems are capable of handling a maximum of 2,500 employees and are powered by enterprise class hardware. All TimeIPS systems are backed by free technical support and a 12-month product warranty.

TimeIPS is designed to give businesses a rapid return on their investment. Lance Chastain, CEO of Stratitec, said, "based on our research of information from the American Payroll Association, manual time card computation and other issues experienced without a digital time and attendance system can cost a company over $1,019 per employee each year. Just 15 minutes of overtime by a $15.00/hour employee each week costs a business $292 annually for that individual employee. To control these extra costs, TimeIPS sends preemptive email overtime alerts to managers and/or employees to help reduce or eliminate unauthorized overtime and early clock-ins/clock-outs. Once installed and operating, TimeIPS pays for itself quickly and provides permanent bottom-line savings."

Time IPS Operates as an Integrated Network Appliance
The system connects to an existing computer network and can also be accessed securely through LAN, WAN, VPN, over a T1 connection or other similar network architectures. Every TimeIPS system is password protected and incorporates enterprise level security. For businesses and organizations with multiple locations, TimeIPS is a great solution for delivering powerful, REAL-TIME employee and personnel management tools to managers and supervisors for effective decision making, regardless of their location.

Doug Morley, President of Kansas-based Valley State Bank with branches in 2 cities and 29 employees said, "With our old system, we had no way of knowing that people were going to have overtime on the payroll until after the fact. After a 90-day implementation, we've cut overtime costs by approximately 80% and have received great technical support from Stratitec."

Business owners and managers, with higher-level access permission, can securely manage employee information, schedules and attendance, see who's clocked in or on-site in another building from any computer on the network all in REAL-TIME - access is not limited to a single PC or management workstation. Based on their administration permissions, lower level supervisors and self-managed employees in multiple locations can utilize these same powerful capabilities of TimeIPS to view and revise employee information, manage employee attendance, schedules and job/project cost tracking - all via simple drop down menus and easy point and click options. REAL-TIME employee reports are available with just a few mouse clicks and can be opened in all database and spreadsheet software including MS Excel.

(c) Stratitec TimeIPS TimeIPS System Administration Information
Unlike other advanced time and attendance systems, TimeIPS is designed for easy set-up, configuration and use. TimeIPS requires no technical training or advanced I.T. operations - making it very cost-effective, affordable and easy to install right out of the box. Compared to all other time management systems currently on the market, TimeIPS is less expensive, provides more features and is more expandable. Depending on the model, the system allows employees to swipe a secure badge, present a proximity badge, enter an ID code or use a bar code scanner to clock-in, clock-out, record daily attendance and track time on project and jobs. Each time an employee clocks in or out, the station's LCD screen provides immediate feedback on hours worked and remaining non-overtime hours for hourly employees. Each day, managers can use the system's easy-to-navigate, secure internal web page to update and edit employee information including schedules, hours worked, overtime alerts, job cost tracking and more.

The TimeIPS system provides for a designated person (usually a senior accounting, HR or payroll manager) to be the system administrator. The administrator maintains master passwords, controls employee system access and permission levels, creation of employees within the system, manages company information and configuration of backup and system upgrade options. Multiple password protected permission levels are available within the system - providing business owners and managers the ability to give each employee the appropriate level of system access according to their business operating requirements.

Hourly employee features:
For companies with hourly employees, TimeIPS eliminates the costs and wasted time related to collection, calculation and storage of manual time cards and hand written time sheets. It automatically monitors employee schedules to prevent overtime via real-time e-mail notification to managers and business owners. TimeIPS tracks who's clocked in, employee absences, tardiness and develops work trend reports by employees, group or company wide. Companies can also track employee retention rates by manager, department and company wide.

Salaried employee features:
In addition to the hourly employee features above, TimeIPS also collects automatic attendance information recorded at clock-in/clock-out and ensures compliance with sick and vacation leave policies for exempt employees. The cost and details related to self-managed employees time spent on projects and jobs, is also available through the job/project tracking features of TimeIPS. This powerful feature allows both employees and managers to understand in REAL-TIME where hours are being spent and substantially increase productivity.

TimeIPS - Ideal for virtually any industry, business or organization
Retail, Automotive, Construction, Call Centers, Health Care, Manufacturing, Assembly and Production, Warehousing, Food Service, Daycare, Airport FBOs, Restaurants, Education/Schools, Student attendance tracking, Non-Profit Organizations - virtually any industry, business or organization.

TimeIPS Model #IPS111T - MSRP: $749.99

    Supports up to 500 employees
    Magnetic Swipe Badge Reader
    50 Employee Access Badges
    IPS Digital LCD Display
    IPS Processing Station
    Audio Feedback System
    Basic Job & Project Tracking
    Enhanced Employee Scheduling
    30-day offsite backup introductory offer
    180-day free technical support 1-year warranty

Time IPS Model # IPS112T - MSRP $999.99

    All the features in Model IPS111T Plus:
    Supports up to 1,000 employees
    100 Employee Access Badges
    Unlimited Job & Project Tracking

TimeIPS Model # IPS142T - MSRP $499.99

    Supports up to 500 employees
    Keypad Input
    IPS Digital LCD Display
    IPS Processing Station
    Audio Feedback System
    Basic Employee Scheduling
    60-day offsite back up introductory offer
    180-day free technical support
    1-year warranty

TimeIPS Model # IPS151T - MSRP $799.99

    Supports up to 1000 employees
    Magnetic Swipe Badge Reader
    50 Employee Access Badges
    Keypad Input
    IPS Digital LCD Display
    IPS Processing Station
    Audio Feedback System
    Basic Job & Project Tracking
    Enhanced Employee Scheduling
    60-day offsite back up introductory offer
    180-day free technical support
    1-year warranty

All TimeIPS Models can be upgraded with our TimeIPS Enterprise Server System, which supports up to 2500 employees. All existing hardware and software purchased prior to the Enterprise Server System is fully compatible.

For more information on TimeIPS please visit our website at or call us toll free at 888-336-4418.

About Stratitec®
Stratitec has established an outstanding track record as a diversified supplier of high technology productivity and computing products. Our products are developed with vision, innovated with enthusiasm, designed with over 20 years of extensive industry knowledge, engineered with leading technology, manufactured with excellence, guaranteed to perform, sold with lifetime or extended warranties and backed with incredible support from the Stratitec Solution Center. Stratitec products are available nationwide at retailers and e-tailers worldwide. With millions of customers worldwide, Stratitec is a proven provider of high quality products that offer unsurpassed value and performance, and empower businesses and individuals with tools to succeed.

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