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Edited by Carly Zander, assoc. news editor


PANAMA CITY, FL - May 12, 2003 /Send2Press Newswire/ -- Unique Stuff Inc., a premier provider of special Internet products, today announced the availability of Bizzymail webmail service (, a web site that provides 100% protection against unsolicited e-mail. Bizzymail's new offering can help consumers rid themselves of all unwanted spam, including junk mail and advertisements.

Bizzymail is a web-based e-mail web site with customized, integrated filters to automatically block all incoming unauthorized e-mail. Bizzymail does not require additional software to be installed, nor does it require set up of complicated filters. During the entire design and development process, the focus of the entire web site was to provide maximum protection for e-mail users by blocking all adult content, unsolicited e-mail marketing, and attachments, which could contain dangerous viruses.

By integrating pre-defined filters to provide complete protection from spam, Bizzymail eliminates the complicated task of creating filters and checking junk mail folders for misdirected e-mail. Unauthorized messages to Bizzymail users are automatically rejected with an auto-response reply to the originally senders explaining why their e-mail messages were not accepted. Bizzymail uses an exclusive filter system called WE-ID (Web E-mail Identification), which identifies each message being received and determines whether the sender is authorized. BizzyMail does not employ a "junk" mail filter because these types of filters don't always work. Frequently, junk mail filters block desired e-mail, while allowing unsolicited mail to reach the inbox. Bizzymail's WE-ID filter system works because it rejects all incoming e-mail from those that are unknown to the user.

"Bizzymail offers consumers a simple, safe, and effective way to completely combat unsolicited spam, junk, and advertisements regularly received in mailboxes," said Pierre Ware, founder and President, Unique Stuff, Inc. "Our goal was to offer a web site that offered 100% protection from spam, which would make it completely safe for kids. I believe we have reached that goal."

Bizzymail is immediately available at

About Unique Stuff, Inc.
Unique Stuff Inc. is a premier provider of e-commerce internet solutions. Unique Stuff, Inc. web sites provide internet users with convenient personal and business computing activities. Founded in 1996, Unique Stuff, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Panama City, Florida. For more information, visit or call 1-850-265-9586.


Source of news: Unique Stuff, Inc.

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