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Most Read News Stories of 2004 by Media and Journalists from Send2Press Announced

Article Editor: Carly Zander

TORRANCE, Calif. - Dec. 23, 2004 /Send2Press Newswire/ -- Neotrope/Send2Press, a PR agency and news distribution organization established Jan. 1983, has announced its most popular news stories of 2004 disseminated through the Send2Press Newswire ( The top-20 news stories, based on number of readings by journalists and media professionals is a fascinating cross section of the kind of news being announced by small businesses, and the type of news actually being read - and potentially reported on - by active news media professionals.

"Over the past 5 years, we have only provided this annual list to our clients," said Neotrope(R) founder and President, Christopher Simmons, a member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), and ASCAP. "This year, we're announcing the list publicly since it is pretty interesting to see what our colleagues in the media actually read amidst the static of so much 'news spam' hitting the wires these days."

Results were tabulated based on number of "reads" by the media through the website in HTML, PDF, and plain-text formats; through readings on the PRNJ site, through clipping service click-throughs from sources like eWatch(tm), and CyberAlert(R), and through initial click-throughs via sources like News.Google, Lycos News, NewsNow(UK), and Send2Press Newswire media opt-in click-views. Search engine clicks ("hits") were not included as these are typically public, and not media, views.

The top-20 most read newswire stories for 2004, in descending order of popularity with the media (link to story included):

1. New Magazine Targets Restaurant Startups - Finally! A Magazine for New Restaurateurs

2. Interactive Voices Connects Clients With Voice Over Talents

3. California Based Designer Offers Do-It-Yourself Grilled Cheese Virgin Mary Toast Kit

4. Free Book Publicity and Resources for Book Authors and Book Publishers

5. LandWare Releases the Leonard Maltin 2005 Movie Guide for Palm Powered and Windows Mobile Pocket PC Handhelds and Smartphones

6. Study Proves New Bicycle Seat More Healthy

7. Panthesis Announces Swan Online Event Arenas

8. Election Night Party Sold Out

9. One Company is Making the Dream of Flight a Reality by offering the 'Gift of Flight' this Holiday Season

10. Did Moses Misrepresent The Ten Commandments?

11. Caffeine Killed Woman - Autopsy Revealed

12. Launches First Talent Search Engine and Directory for Artists and Companies of Every Kind

13. Unconventional Music Duo Celebrates Two Years with Site Relaunch, 88 Cent Song Downloads

14. ProLine Announces Technological Breakthrough Scratch Protection Formula For All CD and DVD Disc Formats

15. Ghost Board Set to Become King of the Mountain With New Line Of Swiss-Engineered Snowboards Featuring Glow-in-the-Dark Technology

16. ElectionMall Technologies, Inc. Revolutionizes Online Campaigning in 2004 Cycle

17. World AIDS Day Chosen to Launch HIV/AIDS Radio Network, First All HIV/AIDS 'On Demand' Radio Network to Tackle AIDS

18. ePassporte and Square Enix Join Forces in Co-Promotional Agreement

19. New Book Helps Women Find True Love

20. ASAR Electronics, Inc. Announces that Emergency Light Blanket was Selected as One of the 'Top Five Inventions of 2004'

About Send2Press(tm)

Send2Press (, is one of the leading online-based news release creation and distribution companies helping small businesses and start-up companies reach and inform their target media. All of Send2Press' staff members are experienced working journalists, published authors, and/or contributing editors to national publications.

Because Neotrope, the parent company, is a 22-year veteran in the media relations business, it is one of the few news distribution companies that maintain its own active media database with over 25,000 contacts, unlike many "dotcom newswires" which simply resell the services of larger newswires like PRN. And unlike the so-called "free" newswires that merely post news online, Send2Press specializes in delivery of news directly to working journalists, media professionals, and news aggregators worldwide. The Send2Press News Network comprises over 100 specialty newswires and content websites in multiple languages with unmatched reach and media awareness.

Neotrope(R) is a brand identity, online marketing, and media relations company, representing technology, software, publishing, and entertainment companies worldwide. Neotrope and Send2Press are trademarks and service marks of Neotrope(R).

Media Contact: Christopher Simmons of Neotrope, +1-310-373-4856

    Organization Website(s): |
    Source of News: NEOTROPE® and Send2Press® Newswire

    Note: for contact information at the organization mentioned in the above PRESS RELEASE, visit the "organization website" (if applicable), or view either version of the original news release using the links below. Send2Press cannot provide contact info.

Previous Articles About This Organization:

Nov. 4, 2004
Free Book Publicity and Resources for Book Authors and Book Publishers

Sep. 13, 2004
Camilions Publishing Selects Neotrope's DotSorcerer SEO and Send2Press Newswire PR Solutions to Promote Quality Photo Personalized Children's Books

September 2, 2004
Shrimpo LLC Selects Neotrope as Agency of Record for Media Relations and SEO + PR Keyword Marketing

July 14, 2004
Send2Press and PR Newswire Extend Partnership to Provide Affordable, Effective Media Monitoring and Corporate Intelligence Services to Small Businesses

June 21, 2004
Online News Service Send2Press and Vickie Jenkins Performance Power Launch Partnership to Provide Affordable Effective Press Coverage and Media Coaching Services Within Reach of Small Businesses

June 8, 2004
Leading Online Newswire Service Send2Press Relaunches Business-to-Business Marketing Affiliate Program

November 24, 2003
Author Beverly West Joins Team of News Writers and Content Editors at Online Newswire Service Provider Send2Press

July 21, 2003
Coast Video Inc. Selects Neotrope's Keyword Optimization And Contextual Marketing Solutions To Promote Web-Based Video Production Studio

Oct. 29, 2002
Send2Press And PR Newswire Form Partnership That Puts Affordable, Effective, Press Coverage Within Reach Of Individuals And Small Businesses

Sept. 16, 2002
Start-Up Technology Solution Company Kolosoft Inc. Has Selected Innovative West Coast Media Relations Company As Agency Of Record

Aug. 20, 2001
Artistscope, The Leading International Digital Rights Management (DRM) Company, Selects Neotrope, An Innovative PR And Media Relations Firm, To Promote Brand And Line Of Intellectual Property Management Tools In North America

Aug. 16, 2000
ePublicEye And Mindset Netwire Team Up To Help Small Businesses Get Media Relations Right And Minimize 'News-Spam'

Aug. 3, 2000
Leading On-Line Consumer Confidence Company ePublicEye.Com Selects Innovative PR Company Mindset Netwire To Provide Media Relations And E-Marketing

Aug. 2, 2000
California Public Relations Firm To Donate $25,000 In Services To Worthy Charitable Causes

July 31, 2000
Small Business Public Relations Web Site Merges With Webmaster Resource Site; Both Folded Into New PR/Promotion Resource

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Viewed by the media ***

References: Send2Press, Neotrope, most read of 2004 by news media, journalism, advertising/marketing, send2press, neotrope, 2004 best, 2004 list, popular, popularity, views, readings, viewed, effective, reach, penetration, distribution, dissemination, delivery, news stories, articles, hot topics of 2004, in the news, annual, hotlist, top story.

News is Copr. © 2004 Neotrope/Send2Press. Reproduction of this news article in any form requires written authorization. You may freely link to this article, or republish the "news release" text version linked to above under "Journalist Tools" without restriction except websites must retain /Send2Press Newswire/ as the source. Sites which offer/sell PR services or newswire services may not reprint our content without express written permission.


DISCLAIMER: the above article is believed accurate but not guaranteed, and is based on business news supplied by the organization mentioned and/or quoted in the story. The organization providing the news to Send2Press is solely responsible for its accuracy. Financial/Stock news may contain forward looking statements and public companies should be thoroughly researched before considering material investment. Neotrope/Send2Press makes no claims of accuracy or suitability for any purpose. Any opinions expressed by representatives of company(s) mentioned in news item are solely those of the person indicated, and do not reflect any opinion or policy of Neotrope/Send2Press. Your use of any information contained herein is done solely at your own risk, and you are fully responsible for using any information herein, or on sites mentioned or linked to in the article. All trademarks acknowledged.

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