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KIRKLAND, WA – May 13 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Most people avoid unpleasant thoughts, such as needing long term care someday. But what if you could turn your mind, instead, to bright, bullish prospects? Visions of playing golf into your 90’s, or sheltering a few hundred thousand dollars from taxes? That’s the slant of a new guidebook from LTC Financial Partners: ‘Dignity for Life: Facts That Can Protect Your Assets & Quality of Life.’

Rather than dwelling on dangers, it presents the positives of smart planning. For example, did you know that –

– There’s a preventive strategy for every leading cause of long-term disability.
– 50% of women and 66% of men will never need long term care.
– You can get a policy that returns your entire premium if you never need care (quite an incentive for staying fit!).

The 28-page guidebook draws on the combined experience of the organization’s 94 partners, who include more than half of the nation’s 100 most successful long term care insurance agents. “It’s the only guide written by dozens of top people and backed up by them personally,” says Cameron Truesdell, CEO. “Each co-author is ‘the’ expert in their region or specialty.”

While focusing on positives, the guidebook also covers critical issues such as –

– Who tends to need long term care, and why,
– Alternative ways of paying for care, and
– How to choose the right policy from a sound carrier, and avoid rate escalation.

Copies of the guidebook may be requested, free of charge, from or from any of the following co-authors:

AR: 479-444-8834 – Ken Merritt

CA: 310-376-7847 – James Perry
CA: 408-792-0540 – Jim Valentine
CA: 510-669-9770 – Howard Gottlieb
CA: 714-674-0190 – Rhonda Guilin
CA: 925-735-4341 – Sue Varenchik-Martz

CO: 303-526-7531 – Christine Crowley

CT: 860-539-0674 – Steve Foss

DE: 302-239-2255 – Bill Schuh

FL: 305-576-3360 – Steve Meyers

GA: 404-237-1189 – Amy Pollock

IL: 630-513-0034 – Bobbi Schwaeber-Rice

LA: 985-845-7036 – Emmett Poynot

MA: 413-268-0360 – Richard Herman
ME: 207-772-5793 – Todd Grove

NJ: 201-265-1958 – Gary Melnikoff

NY: 212-799-3900 – Ronald Brie
NY: 516-869-6767 – Gene Cutler
NY: 631-262-7167 – Susan Lenihan

OH: 216-226-7198 – Pattianne Gibson
OH: 440-461-5131 – Denise Gott

PA: 610-446-5583 – Jan Durlacher
PA: 610-640-4243 – Shela Anmuth

VA: 703-281-0914 – Penny Gilbert
VA: 703-288-6779 – Pat Velander
VT: 802-985-4930 – Tod Warner

WA: 425-641-8502 – Carol Guilbault
WA: 425-775-5364 – Christine Schuster Khemis
WA: 425-681-1531 – Bob Miller

ALL OTHER AREAS: 866-471-4072 or www.eranova.com/LTCFP/guidebook.htm

Additional expert advice may be requested from each partner, free of charge.

News issued by: LTC Financial Partners, LLC

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