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You can easily follow news from Send2Press® Newswire using any of our various RSS 2.0 full text news feeds, which can be added to your newsreader or other tool to get our news dynamically.

All Send2Press feeds have fully supported https for text and images since Dec. 1, 2014.

Main RSS Feeds for Send2Press Newswire:

Main feed (with inline images/media):

“Clean” feed (without inline images/media; single image as enclosure):

“Clean” feed with Image (with single inline image, top of story; single image as enclosure):

RSS Feed without any “religious/religion” topics:

News by Industry:

Business News (all):

Finance News (all):

Entertainment News (all):

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News by Locale:

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And there’s more!
You can easily get any/all of our other feeds by topic, industry, or location, by going to our “all topics” index, and simply adding /feed/ to the end of any topic index.

See this page for more information: ALL TOPICS INDEX.

*Note: during the Summer-Fall 2016 migration from the old CMS at /newswire/ to the new system at /wire/ not all feeds/topics may be fully transitioned; but the above topics page is updated dynamically as we fold in more of the classic content from 2000-2016.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If using our feeds for any purpose, including news syndication/aggregation, please set your application to only ping every 60 minutes or longer. There will not be news updates on weekends (Sat./Sun.) in the U.S. Our news may NOT be re-published on any competing newswire service, per our Terms of Use for news content.