Army of 100 Experts, from LTC Financial Partners, Will Meet with Government and Insurance Leaders to Plan Attack

KANSAS CITY, MO – September 28 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, by 2025 more than 20 million Americans — incapacitated athletes and children as well as aging baby boomers — will need long-term care services. Ordinary health insurance won’t cover it. Neither, in all likelihood, will Medicaid, as legislative reform cracks down on benefits claimed by the affluent. Yet, “We can have long-term care protection for every American,” says Cameron Truesdell, CEO of LTC Financial Partners LLC, the nation’s leading LTC insurance brokerage.

Toward that ambitious goal, his organization is sending over 100 of their Partners, all experts in long-term care protection, to the 2005 National LTCi Producers Summit in Kansas City, MO, at the Westin Crown Center Hotel, October 16-18.

“Almost every American will be seriously affected by this,” says Truesdell. “All it takes is for one member of their family to get hurt or sick for a long period.” He believes, as do growing numbers of federal and state legislators, that LTC protection should be as common as auto insurance. “We’re going to make it happen!” he asserts. “And it all starts here, at this conference.”

Over 700 participants are expected, with invited VIP’s that include —

* U.S. Senator Kit Bond (R, MO), who has sponsored legislation to give an above-the-line tax deduction to help people afford LTC insurance.

* Christopher Perna, President of MedAmerica.

* Executives from MetLife and John Hancock.

* And key representatives of other carriers and LTC-related organizations.

While immediate disasters command headlines, the long-term care crisis — which could bankrupt tens of millions — goes virtually unnoticed. “Most people just don’t realize the danger they face,” says Truesdell. “They’re healthy and bullish about their future. What they don’t know is that by living longer, they’re exposed to more bouts of incapacity than previous generations were.” Those bouts require expensive care not covered by regular insurance. A federal awareness campaign, conducted earlier this year, made promising inroads, but “the vast majority of Americans remain in the dark,” says Truesdell. The Kansas City get-together aims to start fixing that, and also to spark an ever-improving set of public and private-sector solutions.

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Truesdell and co-founder Craig Smith are pioneers of their field. They were principals of LTC Inc., founded in 1985 and later sold to GE Capital. Their present organization distinguishes itself as a national organization of specialists who help people find the coverage that’s right for them, from multiple leading carriers including MetLife, John Hancock, MedAmerica, Prudential, Allianz, Physicians Mutual, and Unum Provident. “Before Truesdell,” says Smith, “long-term care insurance did not exist by that name. It was called nursing home insurance. Truesdell defined the concept and developed the role of specialist. And now we work closely with the carriers and support government iniatives to educate the public and make sound policies available.”

The October 16-18 Summit was organized by Jesse R. Slome, Executive Director of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance.

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