SAN DIEGO, CA (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — California ferret enthusiasts launched a new website in the latest attempt to legalize ferrets in California, one of only two states where they remain illegal. The new website for California Legalization Initiative for Ferrets is

The website is designed to measure if there is enough support in California among the unknown number of ferret owners and others to mount such an ambitious effort as a ballot initiative.

Organizers want at least 3,000 people to sign up by either paying $10 and pledging to collect 100 signatures or pay $100 with no signature requirement. Once (and if) the 3,000 goal is reached, the Initiative will be filed with the California Secretary of State’s office. The website promotes “The 3,000 Club.” Members of the club will get a membership card with their unique number, which we hope early numbers will provide bragging rights.

The website keeps a constant count of how many members have signed up as we count up to 3,000. In addition, people can buy bumper stickers. T-shirts and other memorabilia will be offered shortly. The website also features a photo gallery, “Ferrets in our Families” where members have submitted photos of their contraband pets.

While the ballot initiative may seem an unlikely avenue towards ferret legalization, California ferret owners have no other choices after failure in front of the Fish and Game Commission, the Courts and the state Legislature. Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed last year’s ferret amnesty bill as “too bureaucratic” and a current bill, AB647 was earlier stripped of its ferret-amnesty clause.

For more information visit or contact Pat Wright at (619) 303-0645 or cellular (619) 757-7426.

Ferrets Anonymous of San Diego, Domestic Ferret Initiative of 2006, PO Box 3395, San Diego, CA 92163

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