REDONDO BEACH, CA – May 6 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Publishers Newswire(TM) announced today 10 new books ‘worth a look,’ announced during Spring 2006. Titles include ‘Absolute Sudoku’ by Masha Zager, learn sudoku puzzles with the guidance you always wanted; health expert Paul Harris releases ‘Superior Health Doctor Bernard Jensen’s Way’; and ‘Soccer Made Easy for Americans’ by H. Steven Robertson, a ‘how-to’ book for kids and coaches.


* ‘The Art of Wig Design: A Katour Line Presentation’ Delights and Educates Hair-Loss Sufferers

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Have you ever wondered about the origin of wigs, how they are designed, or how to care for them properly? CEO of Katour Line Designer Wig Collection, Kym Williams, is here to lay those questions, and more, to rest in the form of her newly-released book: ‘The Art of Wig Design: A Katour Line Presentation’ (ISBN: 1-59971-637-2).

BOOK NOTES: “The Art of Wig Design: A Katour Line Presentation” by Kym Williams – Katour Line Enterprises, Inc. – ISBN: 1-59971-637-2

* Harper Arrington Publishing and Media Announces the Publication of The Official Step By Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line, 2nd Edition

DETROIT, MI – Harper Arrington Publishing and Media today announced the publication of ‘The Official Step By Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line, 2nd Edition’ ($44.95 ISBN: 0-9764161-0-7) and ‘How to Effectively Sell Your Clothing Line to Retailers, 2nd Edition’ ($24.95 ISBN: 0-9764161-2-3). These updated versions of Harper Arrington’s two top-selling titles are written specifically to help professionals, aspiring designers and anyone with a flair for fashion to start their own successful clothing line.

BOOK NOTES: “The Official Step By Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line, 2nd Edition” by Jay Arrington, Marc D. Baldwin (Editor) – Harper Arrington Publishing – ISBN: 0976416107, paperback: 115 pages, 0.8 x 9.0 x 11.0 inches

* Brooklyn: You Have a New Author in Town!

FREDERICK, MD – PublishAmerica is proud to announce that it has acquired the rights to publish ‘Curiosity of Life: Poetry to Wander About’ (ISBN 1-4241-2144-2) by Brooklyn’s Amy Frost. Executive Director Miranda Prather expressed confidence today that Ms. Frost’s book will quickly resonate with an audience.

BOOK NOTES: “Curiosity of Life: Poetry to Wander About” by Amy Frost – PublishAmerica – ISBN 1-4241-2144-2, paperback: 59 pages

* Veteran Soccer Coach Writes a ‘How-To’ Book For Kids and Coaches of Kids

FLAGLER BEACH, FL – Ocean Publishing, a traditional press of commercial and literary books, has produced ‘Soccer Made Easy for Americans’ (ISBN 0976729105), a unique book aimed at young soccer players and their coaches.

BOOK NOTES: “Soccer Made Easy for Americans” by H. Steven Robertson – Ocean Publishing – ISBN: 0976729105, paperback: 204 pages

* Controversial Health Expert and Author, Paul Harris, Releases New Book ‘Superior Health Doctor Bernard Jensen’s Way’

DENVER, CO – Paul Harris, natural therapeutics advocate and practitioner, studied for several years with world-renowned health lecturer, author and practitioner, Doctor Bernard Jensen. Jensen’s philosophy focused on living a long, healthy and happy life, according to natural laws.

BOOK NOTES: “Superior Health Doctor Bernard Jensen’s Way” by Paul Harris – ISBN: 0977612813, paperback: 228 pages

* Author Caryn N. Casey Releases a Suspenseful New Novel Where Hollywood and Small-Town America Collide

LOS ANGELES, CA – Inspired by personal insights into the entertainment industry and small-town life, Caryn N. Casey, a new voice in fiction, recently authored a novel, ‘Hiding Eden Rain’ (ISBN: 1420800167). In her new novel, she portrays a realistic, yet dramatic look, at family dynamics and the entertainment industry.

BOOK NOTES: “Hiding Eden Rain” by Caryn N. Casey – Authorhouse – ISBN: 1420800167, paperback: 275 pages

* Learn from a Pro – Sudoku Puzzles with the Guidance You Always Wanted!

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Indy-Tech Publishing, the publishing division of Sams Technical Publishing, LLC (, has announced the February 2006 release of ‘Absolute Sudoku,’ ISBN 0-7906-1329-8.

BOOK NOTES: “Absolute Sudoku” by Masha Zager – Indy-Tech Publishing – ISBN: 0790613298, paperback: 304 pages

* ‘A Search of African American Life, Achievement and Culture’ Chronicles Struggles and Success over the Past 500 Years

DALLAS, TX – Did you know that the potato chip, fire extinguisher and lunar surface ultraviolet camera were all invented by African Americans? These facts and more can be found in Author John Cothran’s newly published book, ‘A Search of African American Life, Achievement and Culture’ (ISBN: 0963400207 / 0963400215).

BOOK NOTES: “A Search of African American Life, Achievement and Culture” by John Cothran – Stardate Publishing Company – ISBN: 0963400207 / 0963400215, hardcover: 382 pages

* New England’s Powow River Poets Featured in New Anthology by a Florida Publisher That’s Making Waves

FLAGLER BEACH, FL – Ocean Publishing, a small press with a big vision, released its newest book, ‘The Powow River Anthology,’ a collection of poetry by 24 members of the celebrated Powow River Poets.

BOOK NOTES: “The Powow River Anthology” by Alfred Nicol (Editor) – Ocean Publishing – ISBN: 0976729156, paperback: 154 pages

* Buddha’s Ancient Wisdom for Modern Secular Life

HOUSTON, TX – One may call it Buddha’s ancient path, yet the word ‘ancient’ is suitable only to identify the 2500-year-old texts from which these ideas are taken. The wisdom offered is practical, useful, and exceedingly relevant to modern life. In his book ‘Beautiful Living: Buddha’s Way to Prosperity, Wisdom, and Inner Peace’ (ISBN: 0-9772343-0-4), Bhikkhu Basnagoda Rahula reveals, in simple yet elegant language, the steps and techniques Buddha recommended for the success and happiness of his lay community.

BOOK NOTES: “Beautiful Living: Buddha’s Way to Prosperity, Wisdom, and Inner Peace” by Bhikkhu Basnagoda Rahula – ISBN: 0-9772343-0-4, paperback: 272 pages

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