Ebook Version is Free on Web Sites of Field Underwriters Throughout Nation

KIRKLAND, Wash. – June 21 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Will you or a family member need expensive long term care someday? Almost for sure, and you could pay big-time if you’re not properly insured. You probably know you should look into long term care insurance, but if you’re like most people, you don’t want to think about it just yet.

(c) Send2PressA new illustrated guidebook makes thinking about it painless, even enjoyable. It’s “Dignity for Life: Five Things You should Know Before Considering Long Term Care Insurance” (ISBN: 978-0-615-14253-1), now available from Amazon.com for $8.95.

An ebook version of the 34-page guide is available free. It may be downloaded without cost from the web sites of field underwriters who are affiliated with LTC Financial Partners. A list of them is available at — www.ltcfp.us/dfl.html.

If you like four-color printing and the feel of paper, you may prefer the printed version from Amazon.com. But if you want the information right away, nothing can beat the instant download. And it’s free. “Also,” says Cameron Truesdell, CEO of LTC Financial Partners, “when you get the ebook from one of the web sites, you have the option of calling the local field underwriter to get additional answers. You can also request quotes to compare costs of different policies.”

In crisp question-answer format, the guide reveals —

    * Who tends to need long term care, and why;
    * Alternative ways of paying for care; and
    * How to choose the right policy from a sound carrier, and avoid rate escalation.

“Dignity for Life” also presents other important LTC information including a surprising fact: properly selected insurance can protect your nest egg better than the smartest investments! “Today, with our longer lifespans, if you don’t have LTC insurance, you’re playing Russian Roulette with your estate,” says Truesdell. “When a loved-one suddenly needs care, your hard-earned money can start going fast.”

Field underwriters offering the free ebook version may be found at — www.ltcfp.us/dfl.html. The $8.95 printed version may be found at the Amazon.com site by entering the search term, “Dignity for Life.”

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