Human Resource Managers and Reporters Invited to December 4 Event – In Person or Through Online Webinar

KIRKLAND, Wash., Nov. 26 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — On December 4 at 1:00 PM, LTC Financial Partners (LTCFP), the nation’s most experienced long term care insurance brokerage, will host a seminar for executives, human resource managers, and business reporters. The event will focus on an issue of growing urgency for companies of all sizes: how to get the most from their most experienced people, their older employees.

“Aging workers have been losing productivity,” says Dan Cahn, organizer of the event. “But it’s not because they’re losing ability. Quite the opposite. Often they’re the most capable, indispensable people on the team. It’s because they’re distracted by the care needs of others who are also getting older: an incapacitated parent or spouse.” Cahn is Senior Executive Vice President of LTCFP.

Caption: Mature Market Institute's Barbara Howard“The caregiving problem will be detailed by a leading authority on the subject: Barbara Howard, Director of Gerontology at the MetLife Mature Market Institute(R), Westport, Connecticut. She will present facts and lead a discussion on the increasing demand for caregiving in America, the measurable impact on employees who must provide care, and the impact on company bottom lines. Toward the end of her presentation, she will address the solution, which includes company programs to help employees plan for long term care needs.

Howard’s information is among the most authoritative in the nation. Her Mature Market Institute(R) is the industry’s leading source of knowledge and insight on demographic and social trends in combination with psychological, physical, and life-stage characteristics of the 50-plus segment.

Caption: MetLife National Director for Long Term Care Insurance Scott BeckAccording to Scott Beck, MetLife National Director for Long Term Care Insurance, “MetLife’s voluntary benefits specialists often refer to the Mature Market Institute’s research findings. Based on this information, they recommend long term care insurance to their corporate clients as a way to reduce employee attrition rates and increase employee productivity,” he says.

Cahn will be on hand to answer questions about a solution developed by LTCFP. It’s the “LTC Outreach and Education Program” (LTCOEP(TM)), which is gaining popularity among human resource managers. The program educates employees at the worksite on the need to have a long term care plan, including long term care insurance through a carrier endorsed by their employer. LTCOEP(TM) also helps companies secure group-rate discounts for their employees. Long term care insurance helps boost productivity by providing funds for professional caregiving, relieving employees of the need to take time off for care duties.

Caption: LTCOEPThe event will be held at LTCFP’s headquarters, 5110 Carillon Point, Kirkland, Washington. Executives, human resource managers, and reporters may attend by calling 425-284-2444 and asking for Dan Cahn, or by submitting a form at

Those who cannot attend in person may participate online through the simultaneous webinar. A preview of Barbara Howard’s PowerPoint presentation is available at the above web address.

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