DENVER, Colo., June 24 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Mortgage fulfillment outsource services expert Titan Lenders Corp (TLC) has assembled and developed a glossary of mortgage industry terms in the format of a periodic table of acronyms posted to its Website. The page where the glossary is posted requires no user registration and the information is provided as an educational service to improve general understanding of the mortgage industry.

The mortgage acronym glossary can be found at

“The mortgage industry vernacular is broad, sometimes esoteric and often perplexing both for newcomers and veterans,” said TLC president Mary Kladde, “As an outsource fulfillment services and warehouse line management services provider, Titan Lender Corp has a staggering number of touch points in the industry. We had the idea for a central glossary of mortgage industry acronyms and found that tool so useful for our own folks that we decided, what the heck, let’s make it visible to everyone.”

“Titan Lenders Corp advocates greater transparency, uniformity and standardization in residential real estate finance as a strategy for minimizing regulatory intervention, preventing market imbalances, and reducing systemic risk,” said executive vice president for sales Ruth Lee. “One of the first steps in achieving these common sense goals for our industry is to minimize barriers related to vocabulary and encourage clarity in our dialog.”

Founded in 2007 by 18-year industry veteran, Mary Kladde, TLC uses its patented proprietary software Cerberyx (CBX) as the Web-based architecture to support a full suite of fulfillment services, including: funding, compliance, closing, post-closing, purchase review for correspondents, warehouse lenders, and investors, trailing documents, MERs management, FHA insuring, and document management (imaging).

CBX’s flexible rules-based architecture allows TLC clients to define field level decision trees, priorities, checklists and process management specific to an investor product variance or a cross-investor climate. TLC is a preferred provider for some of the nation’s largest mortgage and warehouse lenders.

For more information about TLC mortgage purchase review services, contact Mary Kladde at 720.279.7277.

About Titan Lenders Corp:
Titan Lenders Corp is one of a specialized few providers of mortgage back office fulfillment services, a not-well-understood facet of mortgage lending that includes closing, funding, and post closing services. Community banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers and brokers use outsource providers strategically to minimize compliance risks in a time-sensitive error-averse environment. Fluctuations in mortgage lending volume also lead some lenders to outsource their entire back office operation and secure predictable “per transaction” pricing rather than maintaining an inflexible static in house staff.

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