KIRKLAND, Wash., April 27 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Today LTC Financial Partners, LLC (LTCFP) announces the formation of a new division called Worksite Academy to help solve a critical problem for employers: maintaining productivity with an aging workforce.

“Not millions but billions; that’s what it costs employers in lost productivity, job turnover, and stress-related illnesses for employees coping with care-giving duties for an aging family member,” says Cameron Truesdell, LTCFP’s CEO. “Worksite Academy will help organizations of all types and sizes. We will partner with benefit brokers nationwide to help educate as many employers and employees as we can.”

“The goal is to reduce stress and increase productivity,” he continues, “but a greater goal is improving the health of employees by addressing neglected long-term health care issues.”

Worksite Academy is vitally needed today, according to Truesdell, because America’s aging workforce can’t out-compete foreign competition when workers are “plagued by worry about someone at home who needs care.” Too often, he says, employees lose focus when they obsess about an incapacitated loved one or have to spend time on the phone arranging for elder daycare. “It often gets worse,” he continues. “Many employees are taking leaves of absence or early retirement to care for someone at home.” Nationwide, productivity losses have extended into the billions, he estimates.

The solution is long-term care education to prepare employees to take LTC needs in stride. This education – which Worksite Academy will deliver through benefits brokers – may lead some employees to consider long-term care insurance, and others to opt for the Government’s upcoming long-term care program (the CLASS Act). “All employees, regardless of the type of insurance that may be right for them, need to understand their LTC options,” Truesdell says.

The Worksite Academy division will be led by Todd Grove, a founding partner of LTCFP, with offices in Portland, ME; and Ed Jette, former co-owner and co-founder of Empower Services, a long-term care worksite specialist. Jette maintains LTCFP offices in Boston, MA. Both men will have the title, National Director of Worksite Sales. In additional to working with employee benefit brokers, Grove and Jette will mentor long-term care insurance producers on the skills needed to implement LTC education programs rapidly in organizations across the country.

“Todd and Ed are tackling a really big national concern,” says Truesdell. “According to a poll conducted by Prudential Financial, 74 percent of consumers ages 55 to 65 said they are concerned about needing some kind of long term care. That’s about three in every four of us!” LTCFP is a founding sponsor of the “3 in 4 Need More” campaign, now gearing up for national media exposure.

The Worksite Academy will show benefit brokers how to:
• Be proactive in this quickly reforming market,
• Deliver good news to their clients,
• Enhance client relationships without incurring extra costs, and
• Differentiate themselves from competition.

Benefits brokers and LTC producers wishing to take advantage of the Academy may request more information at . A free brochure is also available for download.

With over 500 agents in all parts of the nation, LTCFP is one of America’s largest and most experienced long term care insurance agencies.

– Photo Caption: Ed Jette (left) and Todd Grove (right) of LTC Financial Partners.

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