DENVER, Colo., Oct. 6, 2011 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Titan Lenders Corp. (Titan), a U.S.-based domestic mortgage fulfillment outsource company, now offers MERS management services to assist mortgage servicers and sub-servicers in meeting MERSCORP’s new processing and quality assurance requirements. The new requirements stem from changes to Rule 8 made by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).

Under the new MERS Quality Assurance Procedures, members must implement new processing standards, complete monthly reconciliations and prepare for annual attestations. As a MERS Patron member, Titan is authorized to execute changes on its clients’ behalf. Cerberyx, Titan’s proprietary software, has already embedded all data changes required to meet the new standards.

“In Titan’s tradition of leading the industry in best practices, we’re offering our expertise and technology to assist servicers and sub-servicers with MERS processing and QA,” said Mary Kladde, Titan Lenders Corp. president and co-founder. “Our proprietary, patented Cerberyx platform is the ideal environment in which to automate the required processing protocols.”

“Titan has been a long-time supporter of MERS, and we believe that the successful restoration of the securitization market depends in part on leveraging the automation, resources, and execution advantages of MERS,” Kladde added.

Titan is offering the new services a la carte or, in some cases, as a monthly maintenance agreement. This can include monthly “system-to-system” data reconciliations, forensic document recovery, QA plan reviews, data entry, independent attestations, preliminary attestations/trial audits and consulting/professional services, allowing MERS servicing and sub-servicing members to choose the level of care suited to their current MERS team.

About Titan Lenders Corp.:
Titan Lenders Corp. ( is one of a specialized few providers of mortgage back office fulfillment services, a not-well-understood facet of mortgage lending that includes closing, funding, and post closing services. Community banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers and brokers, and warehouse line lenders use outsource providers strategically to minimize compliance risks in a time-sensitive error-averse environment. Fluctuations in mortgage lending volume also lead some mortgage lenders to outsource their entire back office operation and secure predictable “per transaction” pricing rather than maintaining an inflexible static in house staff.

Titan is a preferred provider for some of the nation’s largest mortgage bankers and wholesale investors.

Titan Lenders Corp’s patented, proprietary web-based software Cerberyx (CBX) supports a full suite of fulfillment services, including: funding, compliance, closing, post-closing, purchase review for correspondents and warehouse lenders, trailing documents, MERs management, FHA insuring, and document management (imaging). CBX’s flexible rules-based architecture allows Titan clients to define field level decision trees, priorities, checklists and process management specific to an investor product variance or a cross-investor climate.

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