KIRKLAND, Wash., May 23, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Today LTC Financial Partners, LLC (LTCFP) announces an agreement with EraNova Institute to distribute a special report on the future of long-term care insurance (LTCI) as an employee benefit. The report will be made available by LTCFP to selected employee benefit brokers, human resource managers, and heads of business and non-profit organizations. Titled “The LTC Benefit Battle,” the EraNova document is based on interviews with leaders in the insurance, healthcare, and employee benefit fields.

“This report is quite significant,” says Cameron Truesdell, CEO of LTCFP, “because it paints an accurate, bright picture for long-term care protection in American workplaces. And it answers questions about the viability of LTCI as an employee benefit.”

Some carriers have withdrawn from the group LTCI market, fueling fears that the benefit might be losing favor. “But the industry is merely adjusting and regrouping, as the report finds,” Truesdell says. “There’s a struggle going on between two types of the benefit, group LTCI and voluntary multi-life LTCI. Both have a future but multi-life is set to come on strong.”

With multi-life LTC insurance, there is no master policy as with the traditional group benefit. Individual policies are issued to each insured member, and there is usually greater flexibility in policy design. “Multi-life fits today’s dynamic, fast-evolving organizations,” says Truesdell. “It can work with as few as three employees or as many as tens of thousands.”

The 12-page report sees a large market potential for multi-life based on its value to three constituencies. For employees it protects earning capacity as well as retirement assets. For employers it bolsters productivity of an aging workforce and helps retain the best talent. For Uncle Sam and the states it reduces reliance on Medicaid to pay for care.

Benefit brokers, human resource managers, executives and association directors may request complimentary copies from the following LTCFP representatives:

CA: Michael Scoles – 408-264-1759
CA: Jim Valentine – 408-792-0540
CA: Todd Stein – 415-861-5088
CA: Sarah Fisher – 510-230-4301
CA: Paula Taylor – 510-763-5002
CA: Laura Weber – 714-674-0190
CA: Jeffrey Flanzer – 805-701-0085
CA: Sandra Stanley – 888-316-8919
CA: Phyllis Solgere – 909-627-5587
CA: Petra Petry – 949-351-0347

CT: Leonard Wik – 860-432-1870
CT: Steve Foss – 860-539-0674
CT: Larry Golfin – 860-677-4075

FL: Janet Washburn – 239-404-7590
FL: George Braddock – 305-378-8091
FL: Jerry Grubba – 727-515-1910
FL: Strother Hammond – 813-215-1524
FL: Mike Rou – 904-276-9583

GA: Amy Pollock – 404-237-1189
GA: Belen Hickman – 404-245-2444

ID: Linda Hicks – 208-331-2803

IL: Bobbi Foster – 630-513-0034
IL: Cheri Davis – 773-531-0669
IL: Robin Frank – 773-774-2600

IN: Kirk Bennett – 260-969-1310

MI: Marybeth Bayer – 734-222-9882
MI: Tom Varner – 810-796-2405

MN: Jennifer Ragborg – 952-898-2750

MO: Keith Eisberg – 573-303-3007
MO: Wendy Rinehart – 816-886-2358

NE: Larry Neuwirth – 308-635-2023
NE: Larry Heinert – 402-339-8643

NJ: Gary Melnikoff – 201-265-1958
NJ: Richard Landau – 201-476-0880
NJ: Michael B. FitzPatrick – 973-968-3394

NY: Ronald Brie – 212-799-3900
NY: Michael Robinson – 516-612-4936
NY: Ray Donnelly – 516-747-1809
NY: Gene Cutler – 516-869-6767
NY: Jay Charno – 516-935-4029
NY: Jennifer Lenihan – 631-262-7167
NY: Susan Lenihan – 631-262-7167
NY: Sheila White – 631-893-4040
NY: Dana Dee – 716-983-1316
NY: Virginia Lee Kintz – 866-582-6074
NY: Steve Brefere – 914-234-7767

OH: Pattianne Baran – 216-409-0859
OH: John Cullen – 419-797-9210
OH: Thomas Hodges – 513-519-6010
OH: Brenda Gray – 513-541-3968

OK: Samuel Walker – 405-816-0868

OR: Diane Steeves – 503-297-7677

PA: Anthony Camill – 412-445-6171
PA: Ted Soslow – 610 642 3332
PA: Cathy Allen – 610-588-0852
PA: Kevin Bressler – 610-783-6970

SC: Pamela Loesch – 843-856-4141

TN: Mark Wardell – 901-337-4146
TN: Teresa Will – 931-619-1852

TX: Madeline Wade – 214-295-8926
TX: Kat Roebuck – 281-431-4033
TX: Kim Beckham – 361-579-9663
TX: Kay Nettles – 713-466-4614
TX: Bill Holland – 817-283-7221

VA: Penny Gilbert – 703-281-0914
VA: Patricia O’Neill – 703-534-3255
VA: George Polizos – 757-291-8505
VA: Michael Zuchowski – 757-467-1354
VA: Joel James – 757-478-5819
VA: Linda Sotirion – 757-646-6820

VT: Tod Warner – 802-985-4930

WA: Lucille Smith – 206-877-3456
WA: Jonas Roeser – 425-284-4863
WA: Helen Boyer – 425-557-5372
WA: Christine Khemis – 888-582-5364

WI: Lynette Schiefer – 920-434-4559

WV: Deborah Bailey – 304-744-0111

National: Mario Sestito – 518-587-2821.

For $50 per copy, the report is also available from the Long-Term Care Insurance Guild (a service of EraNova), at A shortened version is scheduled to appear this summer in Employee Benefit Adviser, a leading trade journal for human resource and benefits decision makers as well as brokers, advisers and consultants.

LTC Financial Partners LLC – – is one of the nation’s largest long-term care insurance agencies, offering LTC education and solutions for worksites as well as individuals. In California the company is known as LTC Partners & Insurance Services. LTCFP’s Worksite Division — — offers opportunities for employee benefit brokers and LTCI agents wishing to focus on worksite needs. The company is a proud supporter of the 3in4 Need More campaign –

EraNova Institute – – is a think tank specializing in business research and public relations.

– Photo Caption: LTC Financial Partners CEO Cameron Truesdell.

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