MELBOURNE, Fla., July 28, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — It’s not the complex aerospace or military parts that make AeroBase a premier parts distributor. It’s really the standout employees that make them who they are. They recruit individuals who are passionate, resourceful, driven, and with a positive attitude over experience. This is part of the core company values (PRAD).

Since day one the founders have strived to keep the company culture modeled after a startup business, where the environment is open, relaxed, but extremely determined to be the best. AeroBase Group pushes to create a positive, employee-appreciated company culture.

One of the people that spearheaded this initiative was Corey Foote, the Director of Sales.

“The company culture all starts from how you recruit, whom you recruit, maintaining diverse personality types, education background, and various work experiences. The recruiting process is slow, but with careful consideration of our candidates, this enables us to build a stronger foundation for our company’s growth,” Foote says.

Some standard, and also unique, perks AeroBase Group offers are comprehensive health, dental, and vision insurance, and a matching 401k. Their work schedule is Monday through Friday, with weekends off. They provide all national holidays off, and their employee’s birthday off, paid.

High morale leads to high productivity, and being well-rested can contribute to job satisfaction. To ensure the satisfaction of employees, AeroBase provides them two weeks’ paid vacation time a year, which also rolls over if they do not utilize it all.

Being well-fed also leads to higher morale while also giving an energy boost mid-day, so since the day the company was established, AeroBase has provided free Friday lunches. On these days, employees are treated to a BBQ lunch made up of a variety of meats.

On top of all those perks, the dress atmosphere is casual. No serious business suits required, just comfortable and relaxed dress code. Staff may witness the company’s CTO walking around in his socks, and the CEO in shorts and flip flops.

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