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Arizona Judicial Reform Group States Anant Tripati is a Victim of Judicial Corruption Within Arizona State and Federal Courts

PHOENIX, AZ (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Arizona based ARIZONA JUDICIAL REFORM ( affirms judicial corruption is deeply rooted within the Arizona Courts. The group is in the process of pressing forward a voter initiative to remove immunity for Arizona Judges, and possibly limiting their terms to four years.

Jerry Gray of Arizona Judicial Reform states: “It is shocking to see the overwhelming documentation on concerning corruption within our courts. Keith Stott III of the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct helps cover-up for these judges. When Tripati lodged a complaint against Judges Ronald Reinstein, Jonathan Schwartz and Gregory Martin for requesting the prison destroy documents and evidence, the Commission should have held a public investigation into these judges’ actions. Why did Judge Reinstein make the phone call to Judy Gabbert at ADOC Lewis Facility? How was his call interpreted as a request for the destruction of records that favor Tripati?”

According to Mr. Gray, “The Arizona Court of Appeals and Supreme Court should order hearings after complete discovery in Tripati’s criminal case as well as in the allegations concerning falsification and destruction of evidence upon the request of the Arizona Attorney General by prison authorities.”

When asked, Gray stated that: “Judge Ruth Hilliard is known to enter orders, which penalize individuals for challenging the State,” and this is why he was not shocked at seeing the order she entered against Tripati in CIV 2005-11562. “Judge Hilliard does not appreciate citizens proving to her that State authorities have taken retaliatory action,” states Gray.

“I read the RICO complaint which Judge David Campbell dismissed (CIV 2003–1122). Judge Campbell certainly did not read the complaint filed by Tripati. When he realized the impact his actions would have upon local judges and the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, he took whatever the Attorney General said and adopted that as his position. I have reviewed the documents on the Website and state with no uncertainty that the complaint should have been allowed to proceed.”

Lawyers familiar with Tripati’s Website and cases state that these judges have treated Tripati unfairly because he is challenging institutionalized corruption within Arizona’s State Judicial System. They further state that had Tripati not challenged the judicial corruption and had he bowed down to these judges, he would not be in prison. His RICO case would not have been dismissed and Judge’s O’Melia and Schwartz would not have ruled against him.

“Arizona legislators are no different than those caught in the recent dragnet in the Abranoff case. They are afraid of judges and so do not wish to take legislative action to protect the people of Arizona. This is why we will work towards an initiative to protect citizens,” remarks Gray.

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NEWS SOURCE: Arizona Judicial Reform | Published: 2006-03-14 01:33:00

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