PRAGUE, Czech Republic, Oct. 28, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — UCLIQ is set to change the future of Performance Marketing with its AI Traffic Delivery and Fraud Prevention. The developers claim their platform can help other businesses instantly target only relevant audiences and detect 53% more fraud.

UCLIQ performance marketing
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Artificial Intelligence has irrevocably changed the world we know, and Performance Marketing is no exception.

Due to innovative AI developments, many affiliate and performance marketing platforms already enable businesses to unearth more detailed data on their success, analyze campaigns, and discover possible customers.

But those advanced AI solutions that yesterday were enough to successfully scale and outperform competitors today turn out to be insufficient.

The UCLIQ team believes that businesses seeking to do well in the highly competitive digital space should focus on AI solutions capable of resolving two types of issues — the quality of traffic delivered and protection from fraudsters.

Alex Rand, CEO at UCLIQ, says: “Growing a business in the era of constant breakthroughs requires more than finances and skills. To my mind, to develop and prosper, every modern business needs to be backed by technologies helping improve traffic quality and combat ever-evolving fraud.”

Strong in its beliefs, the team at UCLIQ has leveraged all its experience and expertise in AI and Performance Marketing to present its innovative artificial intelligence marketing tools — Smart Traffic Delivery and Multi-Layer Fraud Prevention.

Smart Traffic Delivery System: Overview:

Smart Traffic Delivery is a marketing tool based on AI-powered algorithms to help businesses target the relevant audience intelligently.

Traditionally, a marketing campaign aiming at driving traffic to a business would include digital ads or social media posts across various platforms with the hope that prospects would find the brand and complete the deal.

However, such an approach ignores customers’ behavior before and after the campaign, requires the marketing department to analyze all the activity, and stretches the budget.

Unlike conventional techniques, Smart Traffic Delivery examines individual customer behavioral trends, applies mathematical analysis and inductive statistics, and automates multiple repetitive tasks.

This, in turn, enables businesses to monitor all kinds of engagement 24/7, modify campaigns at any time, and maximize their effectiveness without marketing managers’ participation and extra expenses.

Also, rich customer insights obtained from AI-driven campaigns allow businesses to create a personalized user experience by autonomously generating relevant content that can appear in front of the right people on the right platforms at the right time.

Multi-Layer Fraud Prevention: Overview:

Multi-Layer Fraud Prevention is another UCLIQ tool designed to improve the quality of traffic.

“Digital space on a par with multiple possibilities to grow has spawned many new forms of fraud. And without proper affiliate fraud protection, a business can quickly lose its position under the growing amount of malicious activity,” considers Alex Rand.

The Multi-Layer Fraud Prevention system makes the perfect blend of intelligence and speed. Based on complex AI algorithms and machine learning, it empowers multi-layer traffic scanning by following several metrics at a time.

On top of that, the longer the tool runs with historical and real-time data, the more precise the affiliate fraud detection will be. As per developers, the accuracy can be improved by 53%.

Noteworthy Milestones Achieved with UCLIQ:

Since its introduction to the public market, UCLIQ has managed to detect numerous cases of malicious activity and improve the quality of traffic due to its smart technology and AI analysis.

One of UCLIQ’s longest-served customers, Trafee Machine — a CPA affiliate network — while working with over 50K publishers and processing millions of impressions per day, improved its ROI by over 30% by employing advanced Fraud Prevention and Smart Traffic Delivery tools.

In addition, UCLIQ noted that due to its AI-powered tools, Trafee received 100% improvement in specific verticals and 42% improvement in EPM on average.

About UCLIQ:

UCLIQ is a new-age performance marketing platform designed to help CPA networks, startups, and media buyers to intelligently run their affiliate businesses, thanks to AI-driven traffic delivery, 3-layer Fraud Prevention, and Smartlinks that do their job the proper way.

With a clear goal to let everyone improve their business outcomes, UCLIQ always does its best to provide solutions tailored to understand what works better.

To find more information about the UCLIQ solutions and fees, or request a personal Demo, please visit .

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News Source: UCLIQ