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OKEECHOBEE, Fla. – September 2 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Destiny Reef Enterprises ( today announced the launch of their Be Number One Network (, an online Florida business marketing and advertising company designed to help businesses of any size gain an affordable, competitive advantage in the Florida and online global marketplace.

“Out-of-state and overseas companies are harvesting revenues away from Florida’s business community through the Internet with direct online sales,” said Craig Guinn, President of Destiny Reef Enterprises. “It makes no sense for Florida businesses to sit around and allow this to happen when together, as one big online community, we have the ability to take that business back.”

According to Guinn, there are only two main ways to approach the Internet successfully; a business must either have a very large online marketing budget in order to compete, or become part of a very large interlinked online community or cooperative. The Be Number One Network, an online advertising and marketing network designed exclusively for Florida businesses, is run by local people for local people, and is designed to assist Florida businesses only. And because is a static, rather than a dynamic system like most business directories, networked businesses are able to be promoted within the system and online.

Florida charities and not-for-profit organizations will also benefit from the Be Number One Network. In response to increasing difficulties with fundraising, Mr. Guinn decided to assist Florida’s nonprofits with the potential of $6.1 million in annual referral fees associated with the Be Number One Network, rather than hire an in-house sales force. In addition, the Network has installed an automated online accounting system which allows not-for-profit organizations to automatically raise funds as they bring their existing Florida business networks into the marketing system.

“While there are no exact studies documenting the extent of revenue loss attributable to online sales, it is happening everyday,” said Guinn. “If you want to see for yourself, just do a search for ‘Florida’ on any search engine and look at how many results come up. The last time I checked there were 144 million results on Google. Yet in July 2004 there were only 1.8 million registered Florida businesses, and supposedly only 30%-40% of these registered businesses have web sites. So the question is: who owns the rest of those web page results? This revenue is coming right out of the Florida business pocket every day, and no individual business can fight this online loss alone, and no business is immune.”

Destiny Reef Enterprises has watched this loss increase dramatically over the last 4 years, and decided to put the Be Number One Network in place in order to address the online marketing and advertising needs of Florida businesses struggling to compete in a global online marketplace. And with membership costing just $29.95 annually, there is no longer any reason for local businesses to stand all alone amidst a field of competition. Guinn believes that this online network of Florida businesses will not only make it easier for the world to find local goods and services more readily, but will encourage Florida consumers to buy locally because of the ease and convenience, and because buying at home helps their neighbors, the local economy, and ultimately, themselves.

“It’s time for Florida businesses to take action together, as one statewide online community,” said Guinn. “It’s just good business sense. Like a house united, if we stand together, we cannot fall.”

Destiny Reef Enterprises, Inc. was formed in Florida in 1999 after two years as a single web site entity with which the company principals researched and acquired the knowledge to compete in the major search engines and successfully do business online. Then three other south Florida companies requested assistance with marketing their own business web sites and the need to convert from a home based business to an actual office facility had begun. In mid 2000, a single test marketing business directory was built for the Lake Okeechobee region encompassing the six counties around the Lake. This directory was slow in gaining popularity, but when the gates opened it was apparent that Florida business wanted an affordable and effective way for their businesses to be found on the Internet.

Research and development started at that time to provide a complete network of directories covering the entire state. The high tech trend is to create dynamic database directories for the ease of data entry and maintenance by webmasters, however, this high tech, fast moving system was leaving the majority of mid to low tech Florida businesses behind. The eventual static system that Destiny Reef created leaves nobody behind, and can physically be spidered and indexed by the major search engines even though each page has to be manually built and maintained. This community-based system now enjoys thousands of first page listings on the major search engines and provides targeted traffic to member businesses.

For more information or to join Florida’s Be Number One Network, please visit

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