NASHVILLE, TN /Send2Press Newswire/ — Bestselling author, Jerome Corsi, whose forthcoming book “Atomic Iran,” to be published by WND Books, addresses the Iranian regime’s nuclear aspirations, calls the current Iran, EU, and United States nuclear talks ‘a charade.’

“The mullahs will agree only if they can get the Europeans to grant them enough loopholes to drive an Ayatollah through,” he stated. “‘We’ll just enrich a little bit of uranium,’ they will say. ‘It’s our right to enrich uranium,’ they will claim. If the mullahs do not agree to destroy their centrifuge factories and their heavy water facilities, they are making bombs. Anyone capable of seeing through their lies will not be played yet again for a fool.”

Corsi also believes the timeline for Israel’s reported pre-emptive strike on Iranian nuclear facilities is rapidly approaching. “By the end of March, we can expect to hear reported any moment that the Israeli pre-emptive military strike on the mullahs has begun, with the cooperation of the US. Pres Bush has said repeatedly that he supports fully Israel’s right to protect itself. Israel will strike Iran the moment Israel decides that Iran has everything necessary to make a bomb. Israel has sworn “never again,” and is resolved to survive at any cost. One nuclear bomb detonated over Tel Aviv will destroy Israel as we now know it. The Israelis will never permit this risk to occur. “

“Atomic Iran,” Corsi’ new book set for release on March 22, 2005, has a new home on the web at The site provides information about the book, which has already pre-sold 150,000 copies (ISBN: 1581824580). Viewers of can read news articles regarding the current nuclear threat that Iran poses. In addition, Dr. Corsi’s columns, media appearances, book tour, and press kit can all be found on the site as well.

Viewers will also notice a button for the Iran Freedom Foundation. The IFF was established by American and Iranian scholars, professionals, philanthropists and human rights advocates who support Iranian’s fight for freedom. “We have created the foundation in order to support opposition groups inside Iran,” said Jerome Corsi, IFF spokesperson. The foundation will launch its website on Thursday, March 17, 2005 at

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