ATLANTA, Ga., May 11, 2016 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — BioTE® Medical, a leader in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), is expanding its nationwide network of certified physicians into the Atlanta, Georgia market this month.

BioTE® Medical has experienced rapid growth in just a few short years due to physicians and patients seeking natural alternatives to synthetic hormone products to reverse the symptoms that decreasing hormone levels can cause. BioTE® uses cardio-activated pellets about the size of a grain of rice which are inserted just below the surface of the skin. This allows a patient to receive hormones consistently in the same way the body releases them naturally for up to six months. This beats other methods that must be applied weekly and sometimes daily rendering inconsistent results.

National health and fitness celebrity Larry North states, “The fact that I can live better with optimized hormones with only two treatments a year has changed the way I actually live my life. I think about all the hours I spent receiving weekly shots…. I will never get all that time back that I could have spent with my family.”

BioTE® founder and president, Gary Donovitz, M.D., says, “At BioTE, we offer a natural way for patients to experience the benefits of BHRT using the BioTE method. We work to optimize hormone levels unique to each individual. This helps maximize the benefits a patient can receive. Thousands of our patients across the United States experience life-changing results monthly. We are committed to changing healthcare by allowing patients to take control of the quality of their lives while protecting their health. It is time for us to expand our 1200+ provider network into Georgia to meet the demand we are seeing across the nation.”

The benefits of BHRT are far from new. Almost 80 years of data support that BHRT can prevent of age-related illnesses in men and women. BHRT can ease symptoms that often accompany declining hormone levels and help patients experience increased mental clarity, a greater ability to lose stubborn pounds, improved muscle strength, better sleep, fewer mood swings, and more energy. Also, optimized hormones help protect the brain, bones, breasts, and heart and can increase bone mass up to 8.3% per year.

Celebrity, author, and health advocate, Suzanne Somers, is a firm believer in the benefits of BHRT. In her conversation with Dr. Donovitz, she reveals how hormone therapy is the best thing she has ever done for herself and her marriage (VIDEO):

BioTE® Medical’s network of physicians are trained by world-renowned doctors. BioTE’s panel of trainers and speakers comprises the most highly qualified, most knowledgeable experts in hormone optimization in the world. Once certified, physicians have on-going access to BioTE® Medical’s experts and receive continuing education opportunities to stay up-to-date on the most current BHRT information available.

To receive your free copy of Dr. Donovitz’s best-selling book, “Age Healthier, Live Happier,” pre-register now for an upcoming BioTE® Medical seminar in the Atlanta area*:

Learn more about BioTE® and the benefits of BHRT at

*Free copies available to the first 100 pre-registrants. Must attend the seminar to receive Dr. Donovitz’s book.

BioTE® Medical was founded by physicians for physicians and is committed to excellence in educating doctors and clients about the health benefits of bioidentical hormone pellet therapy. BioTE® is headquartered in Irving, Texas and has over one thousand certified medical practitioners nationwide.

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