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CHICAGO, IL (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The first study of its kind, not only linking high C-reactive protein levels to periodontal (gum) disease but also the most effective new treatment to drastically and quickly reduce deadly C-reactive levels will be given by dentist Dr. Ron Schefdore at the prestigious Mid Winter Chicago Dental Society meeting in Feb ’06. Surprisingly the study analyzed C-reactive protein blood results from top dentists throughout the country in a study to find the least painful and inexpensive treatment.

This is great news for the estimated 50% of Americans that do not go to the dentist because of fear or affordability to care. Currently people go through painful and expensive periodontal surgery, a mouth full of tooth extractions, or are taking dangerous Statin drug therapy to try and lower deadly C-reactive protein levels.

Heart attack and stroke are the biggest killers in the US; we have been focusing on the wrong indicator (cholesterol) to lower risk of a heart attack and stroke. The same bacteria in the mouth that causes calcium buildup around the teeth (tartar or calculus) were also found embedded in the calcium buildup in the arteries around the heart (arteriosclerosis) in a recent study. According to the ADA, inflamed gums affect 250 million Americans.

“Most of these people are at risk with elevated C-reactive protein levels that can easily be controlled with this new method,” says Schefdore. “Afro-Americans and Hispanic Americans have the highest incidence of gum disease and – coincidently – have the highest incidence of heart disease and diabetes. Periodontal disease is now an epidemic and we need a simple, non painful and economical way for people to control this disease that can rob people of their life and good health.”

People do not ever have to floss again to have healthy gums on Schefdore’s program. “Be honest,” he says, “do you floss correctly everyday?”

Blood tests confirmed that Schefdore’s non-flossing and pain-free, inexpensive dental treatment lowers C-reactive protein levels better and faster than painful and expensive traditional dental methods, or potentially dangerous Statin drugs. It is very simple, 75% less in cost, and a lot less painful.

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News issued by: Dr. Ronald Schefdore

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NEWS SOURCE: Dr. Ronald Schefdore | Published: 2005-11-04 14:28:00

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