TAMPA, Fla., March 16, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) –- C Diff Foundation, the leading Global Patient and Healthcare Organization Educating and Advocating for C. difficile (Clostridioides difficile, C. diff., CDAD, CDI) today announced that the organization has developed a free mobile application designed specifically for patients and families who have been impacted by a Clostridioides difficile infection.

c diff and YOU app

The free app, “C diff and You,” is available on the Apple Store and Google Play, and was designed by the C Diff Foundation as an interactive educational tool allowing users to access easy-to-understand information about C. diff. infection prevention, treatments, clinical trials, support, nutrition, diagnostics, and environmental safety.

Clostridioides difficile infection, also called C. diff., CDI, C. difficile, or CDAD, is a life-threatening infection.

“I am really pleased to see this further addition to the C Diff Foundation’s catalogue of achievements. This is an ideal way to communicate information far and wide,” stated Professor Mark Wilcox, MD, FRCPath.

“There are patients, families, and caregivers isolated, and experiencing social-economic changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. In the Global efforts to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus the ramifications being witnessed range from loss of wages to difficulties meeting housing, utilities, nutrition, and healthcare expenses down to basic cable and internet connections. The one common denominator remaining accessible is the Mobile (also called Cell) phone. Developing the mobile application, ‘C diff and You,’ places the C. diff. community in the palm of their hands continuing to support the patients, families, and caregivers who desperately need to know that they are not alone no matter where they are,” says Nancy C. Caralla, Founding President, and Executive Director of the C Diff Foundation.

Through the deployment of this app, the C Diff Foundation continues with its commitment to evolve resources to unite patients, families, and healthcare providers in the fight against C. diff. infections. The app focuses on quality resources directly relevant to patients and their care providers, aiming to lower the anxiety and fear associated with a CDI and provide easy access to reliable information to all users.

“C diff and You” will also provide users with direct access to patient-centered care information, educational episodes of the “C. diff. Spores and More” archived radio episodes, and the C. diff. Global Tele-Support Network with a one tap key to “Sign Up Today” for Caregiver, Nutrition, and Physician support sessions. The telephone access key connects the app user directly to the C Diff Foundation office and the Foundation’s Triage Nurses.

“Patients with a C. difficile infection are in desperate need for education on the risk factors for the infection, how to stop infection spread, the chances of recurrence, and treatment options for recurrent C. difficile. The ‘C diff and You’ app is an outstanding and user-friendly platform for patients to get accurate information on C. difficile infection and has resources that patients can use,” says Sahil Khanna, M.B.B.S., M.S.

About Clostridioides difficile Infection (CDI):

Clostridioides (formerly Clostridium) difficile, also known as C. difficile, C. diff., is one of the most common cause and leading healthcare-associated infection in U.S. hospitals (Lessa, et al, 2015, New England Journal of Medicine). Recent estimates suggest C. difficile approaches 500,000 infections annually in the United States and is associated with approximately 20,000 deaths. (Guh, 2020, New England Journal of Medicine). Based on internal estimates including a recurrence rate of approximately 20%, we believe the annual incidence in the U.S. approaches 600,000.

About the C Diff Foundation:

C Diff Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is the leading patient and healthcare organization educating and advocating for C. difficile (Clostridioides difficile, C. diff., CDI, CDAD) prevention, treatments, clinical trials, diagnostics, support, and environmental safety worldwide. Their Mission continues to move forward and grow through research conducted by government, industry, and academia strengthening the advocacy on behalf of patients, families, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and researchers worldwide.

For more information: https://cdifffoundation.org/

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